Our Vision

We care“To be the most professional, credible, creative and passionate company in mentoring and coaching consultancy services globally.

Our USP is our people and our intellectual capital. We only use consultants with a high level of expertise and who are in the forefront of knowledge in the areas in which we consult. We share the same values, providing a seamless service to the client and our practice is backed up by academic learning and research.

Coach Mentoring


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The Team

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Mentoring Solutions

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Our Approach

We offer initial consultation at no charge to our clients. This often takes the form of a no obligation 2-3 hour consultancy session to support you in identifying how well your programmes are operating against current best practice.

Our first step is to build trust and rapport. Then working together, we identify the issues, develop and discuss cost-effective solutions, ensuring excellent delivery at the right time.

We always ensure feedback and evaluation are conducted to the highest standards.

Wherever possible, our desire is to empower and support the client to deliver future programmes themselves.

Lis Coaching

We are members of the EMCC and abide by their Code of Ethics.

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