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Senegal Children“In an ever-expanding world where resources are limited, and in which we are all inter-connected, it is only through sharing that we will create a sustainable future.”

Our philanthropic work enables us to share our professional skills and knowledge towards creating a more sustainable and socially just world and in so doing, demonstrate our love for humanity. "Caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be humane.”

Coach Mentoring Ltd has experience of working with aid, humanitarian, development, environmental, NGO and charity organisations.

WWF Learning WeekWhen I consider the enormity of the issues that face humanity and our environment, I feel so inspired to offer my services and talents to “be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi). All I have to offer are my coaching and mentoring skills and knowledge and my energy and personality, to make a difference. Through Coach Mentoring Philanthropy I have developed a platform from which I can, with my colleagues “be that change”.

Lis Merrick, Managing Director, Coach Mentoring Ltd.

Copyleft with Greenpeace

Working with Greenpeace has opened our eyes to how we can collaborate with organisations to develop ‘copyleft’ materials for our clients in the NGO and charity sectors to use. In collaboration with Greenpeace and with their financial support we have produced this video on ‘The first meeting – how to prepare as a mentor’ for our clients to download and use. We hope this will be the start of many more collaborations to produce materials to use widely across the aid, humanitarian, development and environmental sectors.

‘The first meeting – how to prepare as a mentor’

We hope you find the video useful and please give us your feedback and contact Lis Merrick to discuss your interest in developing more resources in this way. Our grateful thanks to Kuno Roth, Greenpeace Learning & Development for making this possible.

Lessons from a sector-wide mentoring programmeAcross Organisational Mentoring Programme

One philanthrophy project has been to work with a number of organisations in the aid, humanitarian and development sectors to create an across organisational mentoring programme. Over a number of years this has increased to 13 organisations (Save the Children (UK and other members), UNHCR, World Vision, Plan International, War Child Holland, WaterAid, British Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Greenpeace, MSF, CAFOD, Tearfund & UNICEF) with over 70 mentoring pairs across 66 countries globally. We even have capability to deliver briefings and resources in French (although 99% are currently mentoring in English) and may look at other languages if there is a demand for it. The programme uses the MentorNet platform for mentors and mentees to provide their profiles which supports us in effective matching. It also allows the mentors and mentees to keep in touch with each other securely and access mentoring resources all in one place.

Lessons from a sector-wide mentoring programme (Download the presentation)


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Coaching with WWF

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Philanthropy Clients

Coach Mentoring Ltd consultants have a great breadth of experience and have worked with clients from a range of sectors, including:

  • WWF
  • Medecins sans Frontieres
  • Greenpeace
  • Street Kids Direct
  • Christian Aid
  • Unicef UK
  • Save the Children

Working in partnership with Lis on the development of our mentoring programme has been invaluable. In addition to her expertise and vast amount of relevant experience, Lis has such a warm, open, ‘can-do’ attitude. The Mentoring Starter Package, provided by Coach Mentoring has proved to be a fantastic practical resource and I am confident we now have a great framework for our mentoring programme going forwards.”

Libby Hartz (Unicef UK)

Having been unable to find a mentoring programme that was suitable for vulnerable children, we were keen to develop our own. Coach Mentoring supported us in developing the structure of the programme, and provided the resources we needed to go on and put it into practice. Lis identified a number of crucial elements that otherwise would have been missed. In particular, her input on programme monitoring, establishing standards of mentoring and evaluation of mentors was really valuable. The mentoring programme has been up and running for almost a year now and we are seeing dramatic positive changes amongst our mentees."

Duncan Dyason, Director (Street Kids Direct)

We have worked with Lis for almost 10 years now, and she has been instrumental in helping us develop a coaching culture within WWF. Lis has taken the time to really understand what is a very complex organisation; she lives and breathes our values, whilst at the same time always remaining focussed on the individual and what is in their best interest. Lis has provided vital support and expertise and equally contributed to the development of our internal coaching and mentoring programmes. Her ability to deliver engaging, personalised training using virtual technology, has proved invaluable in her work with WWF around the world.”

Laila Merval, Partner, People Development (WWF International)

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