David Clutterbuck’s Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI) form strategic alliance with Coach Mentoring Ltd

David Clutterbuck's CMI allianceCoach Mentoring Ltd now offers all David Clutterbuck’s CMI services across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It also provides the central resource to CMI for managing large global corporate projects.

Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI)

Is a boutique training consultancy, specialising in mentoring programme design, implementation and training, in coaching culture consultancy and in training in team coaching. It operates through a global network of partner trainer-consultants. All have been trained and accredited to provide a consistent, high quality and reliable service in this specialist area.

Coach Mentoring Ltd

Works (both independently and in conjunction with Prof David Clutterbuck’s Coaching and Mentoring International) with multinational companies to help them achieve a strategic and practical approach to both local and multi-country coaching and mentoring programmes, and with both national and international organizations, to design and implement high impact, sustainable programmes. Heavily supported by both fundamental and good practice research, our products and services  are designed or supervised by Lis Merrick, Prof David Clutterbuck, or our team of talented consultants who are at the leading edge of coaching, mentoring and talent and leadership development.

Coach Mentoring Ltd will continue to offer the same products and specialized services to their clients, which they have refined over their ten years of mentoring and coaching experience. In addition their alliance with David Clutterbuck, with over thirty years of experience, will provide additional products and services to enhance their global offering.

For further information about Coach Mentoring Ltd, CMI and their alliance, please contact us to find out how this alliance will support your coaching and mentoring culture.

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