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Virtual Programme Manager Mentoring Services

Jacki MasonAt Coach Mentoring Ltd we understand what it is like trying to support your own mentoring programmes alongside all the other demands on your working time, so we have now introduced a virtual programme manager service. Jacki Mason and her team, all dedicated mentoring specialists, with proven track records in mentoring, provide this outsourcing service on a global basis.

Jacki Mason

Jacki has over 11 years’ experience of designing, developing and delivering mentoring programmes, many of which have been women only programmes. She has delivered mentoring programmes to increase the entry of women onto public boards, to support members of professional bodies at all levels in their career development, internal programmes within universities and colleges, programmes aimed at women returners, and developed online mentoring materials for young apprentices in SET careers. Jacki has also been the lead partner for mentoring within several transnational partnerships funded through the European Social Fund, visiting Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium, Spain, France, and Germany to share European mentoring best practices.

Virtual Programme Manager Services

If you need virtual programme manager services, we offer any of the following options:

  • Support in designing and developing your new mentoring programme or appraising and reviewing your current mentoring programme
  • Developing programmes to be hosted on your own organisational intranet or we can provide consultancy to direct you to the most effective mentoring software platforms in the market
  • Preparing customised resources to support mentoring programmes including recruitment and marketing copy
  • Providing one to one virtual briefings to individuals who cannot make training workshops
  • Retaining all necessary records in a shared folder for you to access at any time
  • Leading or supporting matching activities
  • Supervising mentors and mentees in their relationships to ensure they have the most effective relationships possible
  • Developing and delivering formative and summative evaluation by questionnaires or interviews, preparing reports and recommendations on the results obtained.

So Jacki and her team can deliver any service you would want for your programme and you can work with them by the hour/day/week/year, depending on your requirements. If you would prefer our virtual programme manager on site, then we can arrange this also.

For more information please contact Jacki Mason on:

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