New Team Coaching Certificate

Coaching TeamsWe are excited to be launching our new Team Coaching Certificate which commences in September 2015. This all new programme will cover:

  • The fundamentals around working with learning teams and team coaching
  • Techniques and approaches to team coaching
  • How to develop a team coaching practice

The course consists of six 90-minute webinars co-facilitated by Professor David Clutterbuck and Lis Merrick, and will also include:

  • Self-study: Reading (prescribed texts + course materials); self-diagnostics.
  • Practice with real teams in pairs. Participants are responsible for finding a team to work with.
  • Supervision in pairs.
  • Individual marked learning logs.
  • Marked transcripts of team coaching session + reflection.

Lis Merrick and Janet Leonard (TMS Development International) will also offer an optional coaching teams seventh webinar exploring how the Team Management Profile, a powerful coaching and team development profile, supports the team coaching process. Participants will be taught in groups of up to 12 and candidates must have a minimum of 100 hours experience of post-accreditation one-to-one coaching. Coaching accreditation must be at Post Graduate Certificate level or equivalent. Accreditation for this programme, which will form part of a Post Graduate Certificate in Team Coaching, is available at an additional fee. To find out more of book your place please contact for more information.

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