Beyond the basics of mentoring

An exciting programme from Coach Mentoring Ltd

mentoring blog word cloudMore than 30 years of research into mentoring fundamentals and good practice around the world have gone into the development of an exciting new mentoring programme, aimed at developing the skills of both mentors and mentees.

The ‘Beyond the basics of mentoring’ programme is brought to you by two of the foremost experts on mentoring, David Clutterbrook, and Coach Mentoring Ltd’s Lis Merrick, who have between them trained more than 100,000 mentors and mentees.

Skills development for mentors

The programme draws on international good practice and is fully aligned to international mentoring standards and focuses on key skills and and the most common situations mentors are likely to meet.

The programme has two levels, Foundation and Practitioner, each supported by workbooks and diagnostics. Practitioner level also includes group supervision and optional add-ons, including further webinars and one-to-one supervision.

Foundation level:

  • Three 75 minute webinars
  • Recommended reading
  • Reflection on mentoring sessions (marked by course tutors)
  • Completion of a self-study manual
  • Approximately 20 hours in total to achieve certification.
  • Can also attend webinars as ‘stand-alone’ skills top-up (no certification)


  • Foundation Level Webinars only (no accreditation)
    • Corporate rate, unlimited participants £5,000
    • With workbooks £25.00 additional per participant
  • Full foundation level
    • Individual £550.00
    • Corporate up to 20 participants £5,000. Additional participants £250.00 each.

Practitioner level:

  • Builds on the three modules, offering a much wider perspective
  • Includes 2 hours of group supervision/tutor support plus background reading and workbooks.
  • Accreditation based on completion of Foundation level plus attending further webinars over an 18 month period
  • Webinar topics
    • Maternity (return to work) mentoring
    • Mentoring and diversity
    • Ethical mentoring (helping mentees make ethical decisions)
    • Using diagnostics and psychometrics in mentoring
    • Mentoring on work-life balance issues
    • Mindfulness in mentoring
    • Advanced skills of goal management in mentoring
    • Mentoring and career self-management
    • Mentoring Generation Facebook


  • Practitioner Level Individual
    • Individual £600.00 (for 4 webinars) Plus £90 for each additional webinar
    • Individual supervision available at £120 per 30 minutes.
  • Practitioner Level Corporate
    • £550.00 per participant (minimum 15 participants). Plus £60 per person for each additional webinar.
    • £450.00 per participant for each additional participants.

The world-class mentee: How to make the most of having a mentor

This practical support for mentees, is designed to support corporate mentoring programmes. The two-webinar course is supported by the e-book Making the most of developmental mentoring.


  • £3000.00 for up to 50 participants (including e-book)
  • £900.00 per additional > 50 participants

*All costs are exclusive of VAT

Course Dates

Open Foundation level programme: start date 16th June 2016.

Open Practitioner level programme: start date 6th September 2016.

Corporate programmes – by arrangement

For more information about any of these programmes and to book a place, please email Jacki Mason

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