Mentoring Starter Packages: Everything you need to get your mentoring programme up and running

Slide1It is widely accepted that mentoring benefits organisations and employees in a number of ways, and that setting up a programme is much more cost effective than bringing in external support.  The question is, how to begin?

If you’ve ever thought about developing and implementing your own internal mentoring programme, but not had a clue where to start, then one of our Mentoring Starter Packages, could be just what you need to get your programme off the ground.

These ‘off the shelf’ toolkits have been developed using Coach Mentoring Ltd’s vast experience of designing and delivering mentoring programmes, and are specifically aimed at supporting organisations in implementing their own internal mentoring programmes.

What’s included in the Mentoring Starter Kit?

The starter kits provide everything you need to be able to set up a programme, all the resources you’ll need to ‘train the trainer’, so that you’re fully self-suficient. You can progress at your own pace and adapt the programme to fit with the culture of your organisation.

The information provided is both practical and evidence based, it is designed to guide you through every stage of the process, from matching mentoring pairs to evaluation of your programme once it is up and running.   You’ll find everything from an explanation of what mentoring is/ how to be a good mentor or mentee, to details of potential pit falls to watch out for when developing and implementing your programme.

The Mentoring Starter Kit is available as a Bronze, Silver or Gold package, depending on the level of support you require.  You can find further details of costs and what is included in each of the packages on our product page.

Tailoring the Mentoring Starter Kit to your specific requirements.

The Mentoring Starter Kit can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of you organisation, for example in supporting programmes focused on talent mentoring, women’s mentoring, maternity mentoring or diversity mentoring. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the Mentoring Starter Kit:

“The Mentoring Starter Package, provided by Coach Mentoring has proved to be a fantastic practical resource and I am confident we now have a great framework for our mentoring programme going forwards” (Libby Hartz, OD Specialist, Unicef Uk)

“A phenomenal resource, full of best practice, evidence based and practical. You can take it in your hands and run with it.”

“Like gold dust!”


To find out more, take a look at the Mentoring Starter Package page on our website, and get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your own mentoring programme.

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