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team-line-upHere is your opportunity to experience the process of Team Coaching; to discuss the issues and dilemmas of a Team Coaching intervention; and, to realise the power and potential of Team Coaching as a Leadership and Team Development intervention all under the safe tutelage of Dr Julia Claxton and Dean Horsman of Leeds Beckett University.

Why Team Coaching?

Many organisations invest significant time and resource in developing leaders and teams but tend to focus on one-off events or individual programmes without necessarily focussing on the impact on the team. Team Coaching provides a continuous improvement and more challenging approach to leadership and team development.

Learn from the experts

At our conference Developing the next generation of leaders, there will be an opportunity to attend a workshop led by Julia and Dean to work in a team, exploring the dynamics of the team, the Team Coach, the Team Leader and Team Members. From empirical research, they will share themes around the contribution of Team Coaching to Leadership and Team Development and help participants relate this to their own organisation.

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