Avoid stress, burn out and low productivity in your leaders

vuca-image-moving-fastOperating in a VUCA world

We all know the VUCA workplace is stressful, understand how to develop your leaders so that they can survive, thrive and be more productive in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world we operate in!

On the 20th Oct 2016 join us at our conference in York on Developing the next generation of leaders through coaching and mentoring, I will be talking about how to develop leaders using coaching and mentoring interventions, which are specifically designed to support in this VUCA world we live in. The turbulence, volatility and continuous rapid change of recent years, is not going away. From Brexit to terrorist attacks, to the impact of constantly changing technology and financial markets, It is critical that HR/L&D professionals, coaches, mentors feel confident and enabled to facilitate learning conversations to support leaders with:

  • The ability to navigate a VUCA world and develop adaptive capacity
  • Coping with continuous change, redundancies and restructure in organisations
  • Enjoying creative, continuous learning
  • And growing the ability to live successfully with disequilibrium, insecurity and continuous flux

“Future Proofing” for a VUCA World

Slide1I have created this heuristic to encompass the key elements that leaders need to pay attention to, or be aware of, in order to thrive in a VUCA world. It can be used as a framework to provide support in opening up conversations with individuals about their life and ability to cope in a VUCA world, or it can be used as a means for self-directed thinking about various facets of your own life.

These are the eight elements:

  • Adaptive Capacity – the ability of a person to be flexible and learn as conditions change
  • Authenticity – understanding how to be genuine and true to you in life, work and leadership, whether it is of yourself or of others.
  • Resilience – to cope with the vast uncertainty and rapid change that is commonplace daily
  • Reflective Capability – creating the opportunity for deep reflection and honest conversation which is absent in so many “rushed lives”
  • Decision Making – how to make great decisions when faced with extreme pressures
  • Courage – considering personal courage so individuals can make hard choices about their futures
  • Savviness – insights into becoming globally and virtually savvy
  • Life Balance – understanding how to manage the continual barrage of virtual communication and developing healthy work/life balance practices

‘VUCA World’ Cards

We have also developed a set of cards to use this heuristic in your coaching and mentoring conversations.  Designed to support coaches, mentors and HR/L&D postcards photo
professionals, this interactive, inspirational pack of 12 cards, feature beautiful photography and come in a sturdy plastic wallet.  An instruction booklet providing further details of the content of the cards and suggestions for the best way to use them is also included.  They are available to purchase at £15.00 (plus postage & packaging).  Please get in touch to order your set.

Join us to find out more

Come to York on the 20th Oct 2016 and find out more about these eight core areas or get in touch and I can send you some information about using these ideas further. . In York I will run an interactive and experiential workshop where participants can try out a number of coaching and mentoring tools and ideas to support potential, aspiring and developing leaders who are operating in a VUCA world. Everyone will come away with a toolkit of ideas to use themselves in their development of leaders, whatever their role might be. Do join us, it will be fun! Or get in touch and continue the conversation further.

Lis Merrick

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