Diversity Mentoring – webinar series in collaboration with CMI

Diversity mentoringIn collaboration with Professor David Clutterbuck‘s Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI) we have pleasure in inviting you to a unique webinar series which brings together some of the world’s leading mentoring experts to share their mentoring knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in leading-edge mentoring programmes that are effective and provide a real return-on-investment, then don’t miss this opportunity to learn from international experts.

The first webinar is on diversity mentoring programmes.

Webinar 1 Mentoring programmes to support diversity. 5th September 2017 at 8am and 6pm UK time with David Clutterbuck and Lis Merrick

Diversity mentoring programmes account for an estimated 40% of in-company mentoring programmes, with particular focus on gender and racial imbalances, and on transitions into leadership roles. There has been a major shift in many countries from a compliance perspective to one that leverages diversity. In this webinar, we will explore international good practice, covering topics including:

  • Raising awareness of difference, implicit bias and cultural dissonance – and how to use these to benefit the diversity mentoring relationship
  • Managing diversity in matching mentors and mentees
  • The roles of steering groups and sponsors

For details of the other six webinars covering other relevant mentoring topics in the cmi webinar series. To make reservations for any of the series, then contact Jacki Mason.

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