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Positive mentoringThe Mentoring Expert Webinars with David Clutterbuck and Lis Merrick are designed to provide continuing support and development for mentors. They are available to any mentoring programme, whether in-company or for a professional association or not-for-profit. Each is designed to last for 60 minutes, including 15 minutes of questions. Participants are also encouraged to send in their experiences and questions on the topic ahead of time, so the webinar can be partially customised to their needs.

The benefits to your mentoring programme

Every mentoring programme exhibits “droop” as mentors find they need additional tools and approaches to do their role well. Therefore their engagement may decline as they lose confidence—unless you can provide on-going support.

The Mentoring Expert series is a flexible and low-cost response to mentors’ evolving needs to develop their mentoring skills. You can choose from any of the webinars on offer, at any time. As a result, there are no costs of travel, as delivery is entirely on-line. We provide a briefing paper with each webinar. So participants have a permanent reminder of the important concepts. You also have a recording of the webinar, which you can share with mentors, who were unable to join the live session.

You can also request a custom webinar, built around specific issues arising in your programme.

We deliver webinars to groups of any size, from two people to 500. The smaller the group, the more opportunity for interaction and co-learning. Delivery is normally in English, but we are also by arrangement able to deliver in the following languages: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Italian, German, Greek, Indian, Latvian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Above all the Mentoring Expert webinars provide an inexpensive, just-in-time solution to keeping your mentoring programme fresh and vibrant!

The webinar themes

  1. Helping the mentee set and pursue challenging goals
  2. Assisting the mentee develop greater self-confidence and self-belief
  3. Helping the mentee establish and work with a stretching personal development plan
  4. Developing your skills of creating and using powerful questions
  5. Practical tools for helping mentees make difficult decisions
  6. Mentoring and diversity – how to make mentoring someone different from yourself a powerful learning relationship for both of you
  7. Great closures—how to end the formal mentoring relationship well
  8. How to guide and advise without being directive—the skills of using your experience and knowledge without telling the mentee what to do; and of using narrative
  9. Your personal development plan as a mentor
  10. Managing boundaries
  11. Helping your mentee work through ethical dilemmas
  12. Supporting your mentee to understand themselves – their values, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations
  13. Helping your mentee build their support network
  14. Reviewing the mentoring relationship and developing the habit of reflective practice
  15. Developing your role as a mentoring programme manager

The webinar presenters

Our English language presenters in the UK are two leading global authorities on mentoring—Prof David Clutterbuck and Lis Merrick—who between them have more than 60 years’ experience in the field. Other language presenters are drawn from the international community of mentoring experts, Coaching and Mentoring International.


Each webinar costs £900 plus VAT, where applicable.

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