Cards to support coaching and mentoring conversations

Coaching and Mentoring Cards

Have you ever struggled to draw out your coachee or mentee in a conversation? Have you experienced difficulties with engagement in an agreement setting conversation? If so, these cards will support you to have easier conversations. Interactive and stimulating, with beautiful photography; use these cards to facilitate your conversations with individuals, or as aids in your own self-reflection exercises.

Choose from three different sets of inspirational cards to support Coaching and Mentoring conversations. They come packed in a sturdy plastic wallet. The instructions provide further detail on the content of the cards and suggestions for the best way to use them.

1. VUCA World Cards

Use these twelve cards to support coaching and mentoring conversations around the ability to navigate a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world and to develop individual’s adaptive capacity. The cards will help in discussing situations where individuals are undergoing continuous change, restructure and redundancies in organisations. They will also encourage the growth of creative, continuous learning.

2. Agreement Setting Cards

Facilitate an agreement setting conversation in any learning dialogue with these ten cards. The cards have been designed specifically with internal coaching and mentoring programmes in mind. Hence they will support participants in having a really robust agreement setting conversation to ensure they enjoy a really effective relationship.

3. The Roles of a Mentor Cards

Use these eight cards in several creative ways to educate mentors and mentees:

  • In workshops to showcase what a mentor’s roles are, for discussions in pairs or small groups.
  • At the beginning of the mentoring relationship, mentors and mentees can use the cards to discuss together what type of mentor the mentee is looking to work with when building rapport and contracting.
  • Once the relationship has commenced, mentors and mentees can use the cards again to review the effectiveness of the different roles the mentor is using.

Improve your coaching and mentoring relationships and create more effective conversations. Find out more or buy now!

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