Three webinars to make your mentoring succeed

Signposting clients to useful mentoring ideasWe are delighted to invite you to join Lis Merrick for three free webinars on some state of the art mentoring topics this winter. Whether you are interested in introducing a quick, effective mentoring intervention, like Flash Mentoring or supporting your mentors in their CPD to stop them making mistakes, these webinars will be useful for you to join.

1. Flash Mentoring – 4th Dec 2017

Do you want a quick development solution for some of your workforce? Flash mentoring is a useful way to gain short-term support and guidance. For example: to focus the mentee in their current situation, solve an immediate problem or to develop a skill or behaviour.

Usually you will need only one or two sessions, so it is not a long-term commitment for either party. An organisation can support their employee’s self development by supporting flash mentoring. Coach Mentoring Ltd can help you to design and develop flash mentoring in your organisation. We will deliver a webinar on 4th December at midday on ‘How to design and develop Flash Mentoring in your organisation’. This 45 minutes webinar will provide useful tips on setting up Flash Mentoring, including ideas on briefing content for mentors and mentees.

2. CPD Ideas for your Mentors – 15th Jan 2018

Are you responsible for the continued development for your mentors? Do you want some fresh thinking for how you can encourage your mentors to reflect on and improve their mentoring skills? Then this webinar is for you. In 45 minutes, Lis Merrick will share some of her latest thinking and concepts to develop your mentors in an easy take away format for you to use in CPD sessions to run inhouse.

3. Stop your mentors making mistakes! – 29th Jan 2018

Let’s examine the ‘dark side’ of mentoring and learn how to support your mentors not to mess up their relationships! In this 30 minutes webinar, Lis Merrick will examine some of the worst mistakes mentors can make. Plus how you can avoid them happening in the first place.

If you wish to join any of these webinars, please email and we will send you a link to join the sessions you are interested in.

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