What mentees want from their mentors

What mentees wantThe more self-aware a mentor can be about their behaviour and the degree to which they listen to their mentees around what the mentee is looking for from them, the better the relationship can be.

This video explores two different and sometimes competing models of mentoring which are used globally. It also provides a simple and practical framework to help mentors understand how to behave effectively in an organisational mentoring programme.

Watch Lis Merrick now and download our Infographic to find out more!

In some organisational and geographical cultures, mentoring is seen as an activity within a managerial responsibility, with the mentor having authority and influence over the protégé. This approach often involves mentoring being viewed as similar to coaching or teaching, or as a type of ‘godfather’ relationship.

In other cultures, this is seen as incompatible with the fundamental openness of the relationship. Relationships are ‘off-line’ and mentoring is seen as primarily a developmental activity, with the emphasis on empowering and enabling the mentee to do things for themselves.

These different perspectives represent two competing models of mentoring which are further explored in the Mentoring Mastery module — Models and Dynamics of Mentoring.

Infographic — The roles of a mentor

PDF: Infographic — The roles of a mentor

Some of our clients have found our mentoring cards to be very useful in explaining the roles of a mentor in more detail, or as aids in your own self-reflection exercises.

Here at Coach Mentoring Ltd we love to help mentors get the most from their relationships with mentees, get in touch today to find out how we can help you to better help your mentees.

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