FLEXImums coaching and mentoring programme partnership

Gender EquityMarie Swarbreck of FLEXImums and Lis Merrick of Coach Mentoring Ltd have formed a partnership between their two organisations to provide coaching and mentoring programme support to the organisations associated with FLEXImums.

FLEXImums have identified Coach Mentoring Ltd as a source of programme expertise. We provide consultancy in mentoring and coaching to grow, retain and motivate people through individual coaching or mentoring solutions. Our bespoke programmes develop employees to have good developmental dialogues in the workplace.

We are so delighted to be working with FLEXImums, we made a video…

Gender Equity Conference

For the 2018 Gender Equity Conference, FLEXImums have asked Coach Mentoring Ltd to deliver a video. This introduces our services and promotes a forthcoming webinar — it explores best practice in designing and developing effective mentoring programmes in the workplace. There is an art to designing a mentoring programme properly and Lis Merrick will explain her model of design, to ensure organisations get the right results. This model has developed out of many years of developing mentoring programmes for all sectors and cultures.

So join the webinar on 24th October 2018 at 10am UK time. It will consider all the elements of great design, including:

  • Recruitment and briefing the participants
  • Matching them
  • Supervising the mentors
  • And creating a robust evaluation framework.

Furthermore, we will ask participants to consider these questions:

  • Do you have a mentoring programme you would like to develop?
  • Or perhaps you are already running one that needs a ‘freshen up’?
  • Perhaps you could begin to define your rationale for a new programme. Or consider whom you want to target with this intervention?
  • If you are already running a mentoring programme, what is going well or not quite so effectively in its operation? What elements are you interested in improving and would benefit from advice on?

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