‘Grow as a Coach’, webinar learning programme

Grow as a CoachWe developed our virtual ‘Grow as a Coach’ Programme following our enormous success with face-to-face programmes for new coaches.

The Grow as a Coach programme is facilitated virtually. So it includes four 90-minute virtual webinars run over a two or three month period. The participants attend the webinars and work with an identified buddy coach to practise and complete reflection notes after each session and feedback is provided by the facilitators to help the coach’s development.

Ideal participants are line managers or supervisors. However, individuals who need coaching skills to work within or across teams or divisions in their daily work would also benefit.

Grow as a Coach Content

  • What is coaching?
  • Useful process models for coaching
  • The skills of coaching — active listening, questioning and feedback
  • Styles of coaching
  • Reflection and how to use it in coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Knowing when to coach?

The benefits of running a ‘Grow as a Coach’ Programme

Quite simply, line managers and supervisors get better performance from their teams. As a result they will be more capable of delegating, developing their direct reports and motivating individuals in their teams.

For instance, individuals who want to develop their internal coaching skills will be able to help others to understand the business environment and context in which they operate. So they will improve communication and collaboration across teams. Therefore, creating better problem solving and decision making processes within their sphere of influence.

Above all, the ‘Grow as a Coach’ programme will challenge individuals to develop themselves as coaches, become more self-sufficient and productive:

  • So job satisfaction will increase.
  • Employees will perform at higher levels than they would otherwise have done if left to their own devices.
  • Similarly, your organisations will benefit from improved knowledge management as your employees pass on their skills and knowledge.
  • Improved communication within and between teams.
  • Optionally link to fast-track career progression and succession planning.
  • Or introduce coaching as part of a change management process.

The demonstrated benefits of Organisational Coaching Programmes include more focus on personal growth and career advancement and improved performance management.

In addition, we can help you to design a coaching programme that will:

  • Train line managers and supervisors to be effective coaches to their teams.
  • Develop individuals to become skilled coaches within their organisations.

For more information on ‘Grow as a Coach’ or other coaching programmes contact Lis Merrick to discuss what you are looking for.

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