Agreement Setting in Mentoring – 60 second briefing

Agreement Setting in MentoringOnce you have established your rapport, begin to agree how to work together. There are two critical aspects you must cover in your Agreement Setting conversation – expectations and confidentiality. This fast-paced 60 second briefing video gives you the basics you need to consider when agreement setting in mentoring.

Don’t miss out or short-circuit discussing expectations and confidentiality. They will give you such a healthy platform to begin your mentoring relationship. With expectations, discuss your expectations for the relationship and of each other in your roles as mentor or mentee.

Discussing confidentiality is key

People have different interpretations of what confidentiality means. Be confident that your mentoring partner will keep your conversations completely private. Otherwise you will not trust them sufficiently to have a deep insightful conversation.

The other aspects to Agreement Setting are:

  • The logistics of the relationship: frequency of contact, place/mode of meeting, length of sessions
  • Any boundaries either of you would prefer not to cross
  • When and how to review the relationship progress and how you would like to give feedback to each other?
  • Note taking – how do you both feel about this and where will the notes be kept?
  • Responsibilities to other 3rd parties, such as line managers or HR.

Having a robust conversation about your mentoring agreement will give you the best safety net possible if anything goes wrong and ensure your relationship gets off to a great start!

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