A celebration of women’s mentoring for IWD2019

A Celebration of Women’s MentoringOnce again in 2019, we’ve been supporting International Women’s Day with a variety of new blogs on women’s development and mentoring. However, there are some previous very relevant women’s mentoring articles that you might have missed. So here’s a summary of some of our favourites. Enjoy!

The issue of ambition in women’s careers can remain an obstacle for some women as they develop their careers. Many employers have shown enthusiastic commitment to gender diversity and women have made enormous strides in being able to compete on the same playing field as men at work.

But does this make women ideal workers or ‘Bulldozers’ if they dare to demonstrate the same level of vertical ambition motivation as a man? Women are 30% more likely than men to receive feedback that they are too aggressive, bossy or intimidating.

Initiatives such as mentoring and sponsor programmes have been really successful in eroding this gender imbalance. Gender equity means fairness of treatment for women and men, according to their respective needs. Research strongly confirms mentoring to address gender equity as being an important factor in developing more women leaders.

However, sponsorship is less time intensive than mentoring and requires fewer meetings. Therefore a woman, who may be struggling to promote her own career and integrate herself into the male bastillion of organisational politics, may find a sponsor more helpful than a developmental mentor. So consider if a woman needs a sponsor rather than a mentor!

Whilst considering more senior roles, doubts about one’s own proficiency will inevitability appear. It’s been shown that women experience imposter syndrome more intensely than men. So make sure to develop a coping strategy with the help of a coach or mentor.

Women’s mentoring, Queen bees, Tiaras, Glass ceilings and Leadership styles

Organisations may face a higher risk of losing female employees who experience female instigated rudeness. Beware the dark side of career progression as Queen Bee Syndrome can make women cruel.

At the other end of the spectrum, a women might think that keeping her head down, working hard, over-preparing and passing all her exams is best. However, if she’s too modest she might never claim the tiara she deserves.

So where is the right balance? Good mentoring can help a woman to make a crack in the glass ceiling. But it’s imperative to have mentor and mentee ‘buy in’ to a women-only mentoring programme. That way she can avoid the Queen Bee and claim the tiara she rightfully deserves.

And finally, after successfully navigating these preceding tricky waters, our intrepid heroine only has to find her own leadership style to claim the ultimate prize. A full and successful career supported by appropriate best practice in women’s mentoring.

What next?

International Women’s Day is just 24 hours, but these ideas are important 365 days a year. At Coach Mentoring Ltd, we live and breathe these topics every day. So, whatever support you need, get in touch. We love to talk with new friends!

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