Developing skills for strategic business growth

Leeds Business School - strategic business growthAre you an entrepreneur seeking to grow your business or a professional advisor seeking to refresh your business strategy and mentoring skills for growth-oriented start-ups? Leeds Beckett University is developing a certification for business mentors across Europe called MentorCert. This course is a collective learning experience that will condense three years of simulated strategic business growth into two days of learning!

Strategic business growth — learning outcomes

This two-day training course provides an opportunity to develop your knowledge in a risk-free and supportive environment! Participants will have different depths of business knowledge but they will leave with an equal understanding of various aspects of strategy development including the role of business mentoring, how different elements of a business, influence each other and what the financial consequences of their decisions are in a growth-oriented business.

The training course (pilot)

Developing business strategy skills to sustain and support the growth of start-up firms in an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile environment can be a risky challenge. This unique course uses industry leading business simulation software [1] to explore the development of key business strategy skills — how to estimate demand, react to changing market conditions, engage key stakeholders and manage production in different locations.

Participants collaborate in small teams (4-5 people) where they formulate and agree strategy and make business decisions. The simulation software models business performance and after each ‘round’ of decision-making. The teams will have an opportunity to reflect, learn and re-set strategy as new challenges emerge. The simulation is complemented by the introduction of e-learning materials and case studies to encourage the discussion of strategic business growth options and the development of key mentoring skills to support the development of business strategy. The experienced training course facilitators will guide participants through the process and provide on-line support throughout.


The two day course will run on 14th and 28th November 2019.  It will start at 9:00 and finish no later than 4pm and it will be held at Leeds Beckett University City Campus.

  • Day 1: Introduction to the simulation and e-learning materials, mentoring for strategy development and two rounds of the simulation
  • Day 2: Further rounds of the simulation, case studies, summary and feedback


MentorCertThis innovative new course is part-funded by the Erasmus+ MentorCert project and offered to participants free-of-charge in this instance.

So, if you would like to register your interest in the course or further information please contact Professor David Devins.


Julie Barnaby is an expert facilitator of CESIM using it to promote active student learning.

Nick Beech is a director and entrepreneur with international experience working as an organisational change agent and facilitator.

David Devins is Professor of Enterprise with research interests in the role that coaching and mentoring play in small business development.

Bob Garvey is a leading academic and practitioner of coaching and mentoring.


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