Mental Health in the Workplace when it’s SAD, cold and dark outside

Mental health in the WinterWhat can we do to improve our own mental health especially at this time of year? My yoga classes have been busy recently and the weather forecasts gloomy. Rain, rain and more rain. With the time change, we are officially in British Winter Time, or the northern hemisphere winter, we have significantly fewer opportunities to be outside in the day light.

Are you one of those people, who get up in the dark, go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark? What impact does that have on our bodies, mental ability, emotions, and mood? Do you ever become Still and check yourself out?

I am very fortunate, I work in a yoga studio with non-glow IR heating panels. This benefits my well-being through the winter months, however, most are not quite so fortunate.

Discussions in class have been around how to manage ourselves at this time of year. From owning the fact that we can become ‘a bit fed up’ at this time of year, to acknowledging SAD syndrome. Mental health issues can become acute as the winter months come upon us.

Protecting Mental Health in the winter

Winter sun for mental healthWith everyone admitting that we must put thought into our daily routine, to ensure we limit our response to our winter time, the suggestions were:

  • Ensure we get outside as much as possible, put in that walk at lunch break.
  • Focus on diet, knowing that we may crave comfort food, add in extra fruit, vegetables, eat the sunshine.
  • Supplements, perhaps a good multi-vitamin, or vitamin D supplement, flax seeds to gain Omegas.
  • Hibernate, ensure enough rest at this time of year, be aware of how nature behaves, and mimic nature.

In addition, be mindful of your own mood swings and emotions, and those around you. Everyone is suffering…

With that in mind, how do you bring this awareness into the Workplace. Do you have down-time, take everyone off for a day or weekend retreat, educate your teams in how to manage their self-care. These are all very legitimate strategies and at Coach Mentoring Ltd we can provide support with developing both the awareness and the strategies to help you.

Or do you weave it into the everyday, without it becoming a general moan about how bad everyone is feeling and how bad the weather is? This takes greater skill.

Perhaps both are required, contact us to learn how you can help yourself, and those around you.

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Being involved in corporate life, new technology spin-off start up companies, Steve Jobs opening up MAC World 2000 with one of the technologies I was involved with. I led companies, travelled the world, bringing new technologies from conception to the market place. I planned, strategised, put together matrix, raised funding for research, put together the teams, fired the teams. I had fun! In addition to the yoga studios, I am a structural yoga therapist, using the yogic models to holistically facilitate clients to healing themselves. I run a CPCS and NPORS Training & Testing Centre, ITC Centre, NOCN Awards. Serving the Construction Industry. I do realise that the corporate world works in a very linear way. I do not. It is going off at a tangent, where most learning is achieved, sitting in calm, in the centre of the storm where the ideas come, where problem solving is achieved. The yogic life, the philosophy of yoga has a different language to that of the business world, but essentially the concepts are the same, the yogic methodology though is not time-lined as is the business world. The outcome is not the goal, the people you meet, the shared experiences, the study of the Self is the path.

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