Accredited PGC – Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership in Organisations

Open PGC programme 2020-21 (a)Join this accredited PGC (postgraduate certificate) open programme this spring to develop your practical skills and gain a qualification as part of your continuing professional development. You will be part of a small group of like-minded individuals looking to become accredited coaches or mentors. Perhaps to develop your coaching and mentoring behaviours as a leader or manager, or to support your professional HR or OD role. Your tutors will blend initial face-to-face contact to establish your study cohort, with the convenience of virtual delivery thereafter.

Benefits of an accredited PGC in Coaching and Mentoring

The programme creates a close-knit network of coaches and mentors who have journeyed together through the course. They can continue to draw on each other for support, peer supervision and learning.

The programme will build coaching and mentoring organisational competence at any organisational level. On completion of the course, you will be more competent to coach and mentor both within your organisation or externally.

Course dates

The course will begin on April 30th 2020 with introductions and Module 1 at a face-to-face two-day session in either London or Leeds. We will present the balance of the module’s 28 hours virtually in 90-minute weekly sessions until early July.

Open PGC programme 2020-21 (a)

Module 2 will kick-off with two 90-minute virtual sessions on consecutive days at the end of August. Weekly 90-minute virtual sessions continue until the final 60-minute session in mid December.

New Year 2021 will see Module 3 starting in early January, again with two 90-minute virtual sessions on consecutive days, followed by weekly 90-minute sessions until just before Easter.

Course format

Accredited PGC in Coaching and MentoringThe back-to-back consecutive sessions, at the start of each module, will be co-hosted by your course tutors, Professor Bob Garvey and Auriel Majumdar. The most appropriate tutor will individually present each subsequent weekly virtual session. To establish a routine, sessions are all at an agreed time each week, such as 5pm (UK time). We remain open to timing variations if agreed by the group, but obviously can’t accommodate every individual’s requests.

There is further information available of this accredited PGC in Coaching and Mentoring and you can also download the PGC brochure. Get in touch for more information and the full course timetable. Reserve your place on this dynamic postgraduate certificate now!

Accredited PGC cost

This postgraduate certificate is accredited by the award winning Leeds Business School. Course price is £3600 (excluding VAT) and payment in full will confirm your place. You will be responsible for arranging travel and accommodation for the initial face-to-face kick-off session. We will share accommodation suggestions to provide opportunity for your group to socialise in the evening.

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