Save the Children grow and nurture their talent – PGC case study

Save the Children PGC in coaching and mentoringAfter a successful first cohort on the Postgraduate Certificate for Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership in Organisations in 2019, Save the Children has launched another cohort for their Senior Leadership Team. In addition to building up the senior humanitarian leadership behaviours, Save the Children hopes to build up a pool of humanitarian coaches and mentors who are able to:

  • Strengthen national/local leadership through coaching and/or mentoring
  • Increase the effectiveness of knowledge transfer in an emergency response through a mentoring coaching hybrid approach
  • Create a ‘coaching culture’ in order to grow and nurture talent in order to deliver key results, strengthen leadership capacities, increase retention and deepen engagement

Save the Children develops their leaders’ coaching and mentoring skills

In January 2019, Save the Children in conjunction with Coach Mentoring Ltd launched their first postgraduate certificate in Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership in Organisations for members of their Senior Leadership Team, plus a couple of their partner organisations. Ten enthusiastic participants met face-to-face on five occasions during 2019 for periods of 2/3 days to study the programme. The three modules studied were:

  1. The fundamentals of Coaching and Mentoring
  2. Coaching and Mentoring for Organisation Development
  3. Coaching and Mentoring Reflective Practice

Professor Bob Garvey, Lis Merrick and Auriel Majumdar delivered this accredited programme through face-to-face learning.

The course has been so successful that a second cohort embarked on the same programme in January 2020. This time the programme features a mixture of face-to-face and virtual teaching and includes:

  • Group discussions
  • Pertinent reading on up-to-date coaching and mentoring concepts and models
  • Written research and assignments
  • Actual coaching and mentoring sessions

The tutors assess each element with appropriate feedback. Students are located on a global basis, with two as far away as Australia!

Students comments about the 2019 postgraduate certificate:

“Great topics, hugely relevant! Fantastic, enthusiastic, vibrant lecturers who make the teaching and learning so interesting.”

“Really value how Bob and Lis have accommodated our requests to cover additional topics that are relevant to our work and study.”

“I don’t think I fully appreciated what I was signing up to. Now it’s become the favourite part of my job. It is infusing a new approach into both coaching and management relationships.”

“I’ve found the course so far extremely stimulating. They are very engaging, knowledgeable and can draw examples from a range of sources and personal experience. They also draw on the experience of the group.”

This programme has been designed by Professor Bob Garvey and Lis Merrick to develop highly effective internal coaches and mentors who are competent to work within their organisations and can provide a qualified coaching and mentoring resource internally. The postgraduate certificate is accredited by Leeds Business School.

Join this PGC as an organisation or an individual

In addition to operating as a closed programme within an organisation, individuals can join an open programme — like this one starting in spring 2020. Either way, please get in touch to see if this accredited programme can benefit you and your organisation.

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