Our virtual Coaching & Mentoring team continues virtual client working

Virtual Consultants and clientsThe Coach Mentoring Ltd team has been working virtually for the last 15 years. In fact in 2019 we delivered 90% of our business virtually—this suited both us and our clients. We are now moving to 100% virtual delivery as a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. So it’s very much business as usual; we aren’t anticipating any change to the high quality of service our clients enjoy.

Business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic

Our team of experienced associates has always operated from different locations, connected by the best digital collaboration technology. So should the person you are working with fall ill or be not able to fulfil their commitment to you, we will to offer to rearrange the session, or suggest an alternative consultant. Our priority remains to provide you with the best possible support and service to meet whatever scenario might arise.

Virtual Programme Management for your mentoring or coaching

Coach Mentoring Ltd has extensive experience in supporting and managing programmes, or parts of programmes for our clients. We build great relationships with the coaches/coachees and mentors/mentees and provide a seamless virtual support service to our clients in many areas.

Do you have staff working from home? Maybe now is the time to nurture and develop them. We can arrange and run everything for you and connect and manage your team with our virtual programme management.

Here to help; we care!

Virtual Well-beingIt’s always been our motto that we care. Now more than ever it’s important to nurture your talent. We offer a variety of employee well-being options to maintain a healthy, productive and engaged workforce. We have already run virtual yoga sessions and particularly enjoyed helping a local church connect their congregation via video conferencing.

Our clients love our energy and enthusiasm and stay with us. Let us help you combine technology and consultancy to develop, inspire and enthuse your organisation.

Whether you know us already or not, get in touch; we love making new friends, or reconnecting with old friends!

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