The Benefits of Journaling using Thorn, Bud & Flower in full blossom

Thorn, Bud, Flower and JournalingAs coaches and mentors, we encourage those we support to write their journal, diaries, or thoughts of the day that has gone or thoughts on the day to come. Susan Dennis explores a simple technique to introduce people to the benefits of journaling.


What is the benefit of journaling for well-being?

Perhaps they are re-read years down the line, or perhaps not, it really does not matter. There are tangible health benefits of journaling. Journals serve a purpose of brain dumping, saving our nearest and dearest from having to listen to us. Write things down, thought, process, pen, paper. It does serve to rid ourselves of repetitive thinking, that perhaps is not healthy. Or to help the brain focus on what is truly important to us. Journaling gives us time to reflect and this is why it is often helpful as part of a coaching and mentoring relationship.

Overcome the stress and difficulties with journaling

Many people have trouble with journaling, they fight against it. They have heard it is good, but there are always barriers, not enough time, other more important things to do. In short they have not put enough value on journaling for it to be a priority in their lives. They find it difficult to concentrate on writing their own thoughts down.

This is where Thorn, Bud, Flower comes into play

Writing a JournalWhen starting to journal, think of a moment in the day that was a bit of a Thorn, a bit prickly. Something you did, said, or something someone else did or said. A problem, or issue, write it down. Don’t dwell, just write it down.

Think of a Bud, an idea, a ‘to do’ thing, a concept, just a little thing, something that happened in your day that you can develop. Write it down.

Now think of a moment in the day, that was your Full Flower in Bloom moment, someone was happy to see you, you did something you took pride in, something that brought a smile to your face. Write it down.

The first step to journaling

This is the first steps to journaling, three things to write down: thorn, bud, and watch the flower bloom.

That Thorn in your side of writing a journal, will become your full garden in flower.

How many other Thorns can you turn into Buds, and subsequently Flowers through journaling?

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss your journaling practice or how it can be used as part of a coaching and mentoring relationship.

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Being involved in corporate life, new technology spin-off start up companies, Steve Jobs opening up MAC World 2000 with one of the technologies I was involved with. I led companies, travelled the world, bringing new technologies from conception to the market place. I planned, strategised, put together matrix, raised funding for research, put together the teams, fired the teams. I had fun! In addition to the yoga studios, I am a structural yoga therapist, using the yogic models to holistically facilitate clients to healing themselves. I run a CPCS and NPORS Training & Testing Centre, ITC Centre, NOCN Awards.Serving the Construction Industry. I do realise that the corporate world works in a very linear way. I do not. It is going off at a tangent, where most learning is achieved, sitting in calm, in the centre of the storm where the ideas come, where problem solving is achieved. The yogic life, the philosophy of yoga has a different language to that of the business world, but essentially the concepts are the same, the yogic methodology though is not time-lined as is the business world. The outcome is not the goal, the people you meet, the shared experiences, the study of the Self is the path.

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