Introduce virtual yoga for employee well-being during Covid-19

Virtual yoga at homeMost of your workforce will be working from home or furloughed. How are they doing? We don’t have to sell you the benefits of yoga, calming practices and of meditation. But have you thought of making virtual yoga part of the lock-down routine? It’s effective support for those people who you have invested in, and who have invested in your organisation?

Why introduce virtual yoga?

When the future opens up and the UK’s plans to unlock become a little clearer you will feel confident that your employees will be returning with better physical and mental health. Unless individuals are very motivated, it is difficult for them to keep up their exercise and stress reducing practices during this very artificial period of social distancing and lockdown. It is all too easy to let the constant news updates stress you. People may be juggling child care or home schooling whilst working. As well as the availability of the biscuit tin, which can become a constant temptation!

We have always helped organisations support the well-being of their staff. Investing for the future, by offering regular virtual yoga sessions, is a welcome addition to that. Participants can include their children to introduce a welcome and healthy break to the day.

Sofa yoga

Sofa Yoga

A way to connect with distant colleagues

Attending a virtual yoga class is a way of connecting with other work colleagues, but less formally than on a work call. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add this treat to their day or their week? Something special for them as part of their lock-down-routine. Allowing them to be together to boost morale. Seeing each other, saying ‘Hi’ as a group or team, but in the safety of their own home, learning yoga, meditation, or different tension reduction calming practices.

Tailor made to support well-being within your organisation

We offer tailored classes for your organisation at times to suit your employees. Lunchtime or early morning sessions, or perhaps everyone could have an extended coffee break for some breathing exercises? Give people an opportunity to escape for an hour and destress.

Your people are your biggest asset. Look after them during Covid-19 lockdown.

For more details of how you can introduce virtual yoga, get in touch discuss your organisational needs. Susie Dennis and her team can design the right virtual yoga, calming practices or meditation solution to suit your organisation.

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Being involved in corporate life, new technology spin-off start up companies, Steve Jobs opening up MAC World 2000 with one of the technologies I was involved with. I led companies, travelled the world, bringing new technologies from conception to the market place. I planned, strategised, put together matrix, raised funding for research, put together the teams, fired the teams. I had fun! In addition to the yoga studios, I am a structural yoga therapist, using the yogic models to holistically facilitate clients to healing themselves. I run a CPCS and NPORS Training & Testing Centre, ITC Centre, NOCN Awards. Serving the Construction Industry. I do realise that the corporate world works in a very linear way. I do not. It is going off at a tangent, where most learning is achieved, sitting in calm, in the centre of the storm where the ideas come, where problem solving is achieved. The yogic life, the philosophy of yoga has a different language to that of the business world, but essentially the concepts are the same, the yogic methodology though is not time-lined as is the business world. The outcome is not the goal, the people you meet, the shared experiences, the study of the Self is the path.

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