Diversity dialogue: learning conversations across the barriers of difference

Many of the problems in workplaces, from lack of creativity to failure to use the spectrum of talent within an organisation, are at base communication failures. Prejudice and unconscious bias thrive wherever people do not feel able to have open and authentic conversations about difference. But these can be rapidly overcome when people are able to share and explore together their assumptions about each other—hence diversity dialogue.

How to improve the conversations in an organisation

Diversity dialogue is the skill of engaging with difference and with people who are different. It is based on the principles of co-learning, co-creation and valuing diversity as a driver of performance by teams and organisations.

Our virtual Diversity Dialogue Programme

David Clutterbuck and Lis Merrick offer an interactive, virtual programme over four 90 minutes webinars (or a more personalised configuration to suit your organisation) to develop the ability to change the conversations we have with ourselves, in ways that enable us to have more courageous, more honest and more effective conversations with others. It is not a substitute for diversity awareness, but can radically improve its effectiveness.

The programme is divided into eight sections:

  1. Overview and business case – what research tells us about the benefits of more effective, more open conversations at work
  2. Key concepts in workplace communication – we review a range of perspectives, including situational communication, communication styles and the positive and negative effects of virtual communication
  3. The importance and levels of dialogue
  4. Keys to creating a learning dialogue – how to shift from destructive to constructive conversations
  5. What prevents people talking openly? – with a focus on some of the common derailers of psychological safety
  6. Creating the environment for diversity dialogue
  7. Core skills – with a deep dive into six core skills
  8. Putting the core skills into practice – a highly participative, deeply practical activity.

For more information and to discuss how we can deliver this virtually to suit your needs, please contact us.

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About Lis Merrick

Lis Merrick is Managing Director of Coach Mentoring Limited, the ISMCP Accreditation Chair (European Mentoring and Coaching Council International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes), a Visiting Fellow of the Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Business School and she was the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) UK President from 2015 to 2018.

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