Thriving through chaos! How to navigate the pandemic

Thriving through chaosEvery day we face alarming news, fake or otherwise, that throws our minds into turmoil. How we decide to react, engage and evaluate our situation is down to us, our mindset, our ability to be resilient and how we develop our adaptive capacity. We have two solutions to support yourselves or encourage others, to make the best choices during this pandemic, maintain good mental health and to thrive through chaos!

Who is thriving in this pandemic?

Well Netflix are doing well! I signed off a third user on our family Netflix account last night to keep the children happy. Asking adult children to work from home, not see their friends face-to-face and with the prospect of a global recession which will impact their lives for years, it seemed a small price to pay.

Some people have consciously decided to live differently and made choices to enjoy the new normal and make the best of the situation. However, for most of us, this is really tough. We need help letting go of the worry and stress that hangs over us, re-tuning our minds to stay in the present moment and recognising and relishing the opportunities that we can create ahead.

During the first six months of this pandemic we have been very busy helping many old and new clients. We have distilled this experience into two great products to support you, or those people you may be coaching or mentoring, to thrive through this pandemic.

Your guide to navigating the pandemic turmoil

Thriving through Chaos cards and insightful guide

Practical ideas to support coaching and mentoring conversations through continual change.

Seventeen cards plus an insightful 40 page guide to support coaches, mentors, HR/L&D professionals and anyone wanting to thrive in our chaotic and uncertain world.

Review reimagine reinvent

The guide takes you through different ideas and techniques to stimulate developmental conversations under three themes:

  1. Review – building the individual’s self-awareness to understand their current reality more effectively
  2. Reimagine – providing the support for the individual to create and innovate a revitalised, improved future existence for them and perhaps their workplace and society
  3. Reinvent – helping the individual to experiment and put their new ideas into practice.

The beautiful postcards each provide an exercise summary for easy use during a coaching or mentoring conversation.

Thriving though Chaos online self-reflection journey

An online personal reflective journey to support you through continual change.

Seventeen ideas to read about and reflect on, to help you create new solutions and outcomes for not just surviving but thriving in this chaotic and uncertain world.

This online guide takes you through the three stages of review, reimagine and reinvent. It explains the concept behind each stage. You choose where you want to spend your time, which sections you would like to read and which reflection exercises to complete. The whole guide can be completed in approximately 3 hours. You can access the self-reflection as many times as you wish.

If you would like the support of a Coach Mentoring Ltd coach on this reflective journey, special discounted rates are available.

Contact us for more information about how these guides can help you or your organisation. We are also available to run stimulating interactive webinars based on these thriving though chaos ideas.

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