Black Friday Coaching and Mentoring discounts, 20% off

Black Friday Coaching and Mentoring discountsFor Black Friday we bring to you our Thriving through Chaos journey and Mentoring Starter Package, each with a 20% discount! Prepare for the future with practical ideas to support coaching and mentoring dialogues, or to thrive in your life — online, offline or via interactive webinar. Alternatively, start or review your own mentoring programme personalised to your organisation’s needs and support employees through the next few difficult months.

Thriving Through Chaos

An online personal reflective journey with sixteen key themes, or an offline guide and cards for coaches, mentors and individuals, or maybe a series of interactive webinars geared to your needs.

Review, Reimagine, Reivent - Black Friday

Spread across three themes, this collation of ideas and techniques began after examining some of these questions:

  • What are we learning from these current difficult experiences?
  • How can people rebuild themselves and their lives after suffering losses personally, whether this is health, finances, separation from family and friends, career etc?
  • How can we prepare for the future when so much is still unknown?
  • What actionable approaches can we start taking immediately to begin a new journey towards a ‘better’ life?

Thriving through Chaos (20% discount)

Mentoring Starter Package

During these challenging times your employees need more support than ever. Mentoring can provide the vehicle to retain, engage, motivate and develop, not just your key talent, but everyone! However, budgets are tight and an organisation might not have the internal skills and expertise it needs to create or manage a mentoring programme.

Mentoring Starter Package - Black Friday

The Mentoring Starter Package provides all you need to set up your own mentoring programme. Mix and match from six core curriculum topics to tailor a cost-effective mentoring programme of excellent quality. It is easy to implement with practical advice and pro-forma documents to grow your internal mentoring capability.

This resource comes from years of experience from Coach Mentoring Ltd developing successful mentoring programmes. You can build your own programme, but with the safety net of knowing you can call on expert consultancy help if you need it.

Mentoring Starter Package (20% discount)

Looking past the end of the Covid Tunnel this Black Friday

The recent great news on vaccines is a wonderful fillip as we go into winter. Make sure to prepare for the upturn in the spring. Look after the key resource in your business, its people!

Until the end of the November, enjoy 20% Black Friday Discount on Thriving through Chaos and Mentoring Starter Package. Depending on the route you take, you may need to use the discount code: BlackFridayDiscount

It’s not all black, let’s make our futures bright…

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