Free personal development well-being webinars to help you thrive

Free well-being webinars to thrive through chaosJoin specialists from across a range of topics to explore well-being techniques to help you thrive. During our more traditional coaching, mentoring and leadership development work, we have noticed a demand for improving employee well-being. Connect with our diverse team on any of nine free fortnightly webinars for ideas to improve well-being for yourself or within your organisation.

Why well-being? How will it help?

Coach Mentoring Ltd clients love our enthusiasm and expertise which helps them grow, retain and motivate their people. Not only do we create bespoke mentoring and coaching solutions, or self-help products for smaller organisations, we also take a more holistic development approach to help organisations and individuals support well-being.

During early 2021 you can experience diverse tastes of this for free. Join one or more of these delicious webinars full of distinctive flavour to stimulate the soul. They each spotlight different areas of people well-being.

  1. Thriving through Chaos
  2. I can’t afford not to take care of myself
  3. Principals to lead an intelligent life
  4. How to be an Eco-Warrior
  5. Nourish & Thrive
  6. How happy, healthy and engaged are your Team?
  7. How to find your North Star
  8. How to get a better night’s sleep, tonight!
  9. Habits and rituals for well-being
  10. Spiritual Well-being

Well-being to thrive


Thriving through Chaos

LisPractical ideas on how to thrive through chaos and support yourself or other people through coaching and mentoring conversations during these times of continual change. We need fresh techniques to facilitate our thinking and personal learning to support us to thrive and not just survive, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

Lis will share her framework of review, reimagine and reinvent to support your future well being. Helping you to reflect and learn from your current difficult experiences during the pandemic, focussing on ideas to support you to prepare for the future, even though so much is unknown and to adopt actionable approaches you can begin immediately to start a new journey towards a ‘better’ life.

Book free — Thriving through Chaos
Lis Merrick, 13 Jan 2021

I can’t afford not to take care of myself

How to have the best version of you


According to research by Mind (2020), more than half of adults (60%) said their mental health has got worse during the pandemic. Whilst the conversation around mental health is gaining momentum, it hasn’t made it any less difficult when it comes to managing our own emotional well-being (or supporting others to manage theirs) — particularly when the way ahead still remains unpredictable.

Whoever we are and whatever roles we play personally or professionally, negative emotions such as fatigue, fear, anxiety and panic put extreme pressure on us and undermine our ability to focus on the right priorities, think clearly, manage our relationships effectively and make informed choices. In this webinar, Linda will explore three areas, vitality, support and composure, which can help us to take better care of ourselves.

Book free — Take care of yourself
Linda Grant, 27 Jan 2021

Principals to lead an intelligent life

SusieSusie is a yoga therapist, has worked in science, technology, education and now training. She uses the tools of yoga and her own experience to guide others into leading their best life. Join this session to learn techniques to enable you to tap into your real intelligence.

We are so reliant on artificial intelligence to tell us how well we slept, how hard we worked out, how many calories we have eaten, how collaborative we are at work and how many new people we have brought into our networks. We Know! We are obsessed with tapping our wrists or checking our phones whilst life passes us by. The comparison of data and comparison of present self with past self can be negative self-talk.

Use the techniques in this session to help you tune into your thinking body, mind and emotional body, energy body and physical body. Live your life with your own intelligence — not artificial intelligence.

Book free — Lead an intelligent life
Susie Dennis, 10 Feb 2021

How to be an Eco-Warrior

Eco sustainability for your own and the planet’s well-being


Diane is a true eco-warrior! An example of how to live in an inspiring way to reduce your waste, live a sustainable lifestyle and save our beautiful planet.

This webinar is a challenge to how you currently live, as Diane shares some terrifying facts of how our planet is currently being damaged by the human race. However, through making small lifestyle changes, it is relatively easy for all us to have a more positive impact on the world we live in. She will share her tips and thinking on how to do this successfully.

Book free — How to be an Eco-warrior
Diane Park, 24 Feb 2021

Nourish & Thrive

The power of nutrition to enhance your well-being


Food is about so much more than just energy. Food is information. What, when and how we eat have an enormous impact on our health and well-being. In this brief introduction to the power of nutrition, we’ll explore the foundations of a healthy diet and discover how even simple changes to our diet and lifestyle habits can lead to dramatic improvements in our well-being.

Find out how to eat for improved energy, more stable mood, improved digestion and overall well-being. We will cover:

  • The single most important strategy you can adopt to improve your energy levels and stabilise your mood.
  • How to keep your gut microbiome happy (and why it matters)
  • Why how you eat matters.

Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a 3-day diet diary prior to the session. This will enable you to apply the learning directly to your own situation, identify areas for improvement and develop an action plan to take away and put in to practice.

Book free — Nourish & Thrive
Beth Hughes, 10 March 2021

How happy, healthy and engaged are your Team?

Helping your team thrive in their new ‘normal’


During times of uncertainty the role of the line manager is pivotal in keeping their team healthy, engaged and working at their best. CMI Research (August 2020) shows that it is not where we work that determines our productivity or levels of engagement; it’s how we are managed and led.

The situation where managers and leaders need to support teams who are working remotely or in a hybrid style continues to create challenges. As managers and leaders we need to adapt our style to both the context and preferences that best support the individuals in our teams. Linda will explore tips to manage, stay connected and support the emotional well-being of your team.

Book free — Happy, healthy and engaged team
Linda Grant, 24 March 2021

How to find your North Star

Purpose and direction in life for well-being

LisWhen and if the world gets back to some sort of ‘normal’, do you want your life to be as it was or, have you moved on during the Covid-19 pandemic? Many people have had a chance to re-evaluate their lives and what is most important to them. If individuals eliminate things that are unimportant and then spend just enough time on the things that are necessary but not important, they will have energy to do the things that are their greatest passions—the things that matter and where they will be in ‘flow’.

Lis will share her ideas of how to take stock of your life and reappraise your purpose and life design. The session will provide some key tips on how to do your own mini-audit and ensure you are following the right direction for your well-being.

Book free — Find your North Star
Lis Merrick, 7 April 2021

How to get a better night’s sleep, tonight!


Good quality sleep is fundamental to our health and well-being, but in the modern world many of us are not getting enough. This webinar will focus on a range of tools and techniques to give you the best possible chance of enjoying a restorative night’s sleep.

Beth will consider everything from sleep hygiene to lifestyle habits and foods that can support a good night sleep. You will leave with a better understanding of how your diet and lifestyle could be impacting your sleep. Plus a selection of ‘sleep hacks’ to enable you to build your own sleep improvement plan.

Book free — A better night’s sleep
Beth Hughes, 21 April 2021

Habits and rituals for well-being


Based on Lis’ personal experience in creating habits and rituals for well-being, this webinar will explore:

  • the difference between habits and rituals,
  • some basic psychology and neuroscience of habit and ritual formation and
  • timing, accountability and quick wins for success!

The webinar will conclude in considering the most effective habits and rituals for well-being, consolidating some of the knowledge and tips from the whole well-being webinar series.

Book free — Habits and rituals
Lis Merrick, 30 June 2021

Spiritual Well-being


Stephen Covey’s model of ‘Sharpening the Saw’ is about taking the time to renew and refresh the four dimensions of our nature: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual, so for perfect balance, we wanted to finish our well-being series with a focus on spiritual well-being.

Keeping busy when things are crazy around us can provide us with a false sense of purpose and cover up the neglect of our emotional and particularly spiritual needs. Do you feel like Bilbo Baggins in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ when he said: ‘We feel thin and stretched like butter, scraped over too much bread.’? If that sensation resonates, then join us to consider pragmatic ideas to support your spiritual well-being and get your soul and life back during these turbulent times.

Lis and friends from St. Mary’s Parish Church in Burley-in-Wharfedale, will share some daily restorative practices from their own perspective of being Christians, which can be embraced by anyone, whatever your beliefs or faith. The session will include simple practices from mindfulness and positive psychology.

Book free —  Spiritual Well-being
Lis Merrick, 7 July 2021

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