Tax exempt yoga to support well-being in lieu of a Christmas Party

Tax Exempt Virtual YogaTax exempt virtual yoga sessions will support the well-being of your employees. Many of whom are suffering both physically and mentally under the stresses of working from home during lockdown. They also might have missed out on the usual Christmas party or other annual social event. Your organisation can offer one or more fun yoga sessions to support well-being and address problems with posture, anxiety, sleep and insomnia.

We have learnt that our old ‘normal’ was actually costing us a fortune. Life at the office led to living to work, not working to live. Each year we spent over £2,000 on take-away coffees, plus travel, parking and not to mention the clothes for office life, socialising, and company parties.

Corporate life as it was cost money, time and our health. That does not mean there is not a lot to gained from gathering as a collective. We all do, after all, want to meet up either on zoom or in real life.

Instead of the traditional office party, why not lead the way and invite your teams to a collective series of virtual yoga, well-being and fun? These could be bespoke days designed with your teams in mind, or one or more 1 hour sessions.

What does an organisation have to report to HMRC?

You might not have to report anything to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or pay tax and National Insurance. To be exempt, the function must be open to all employees and be an annual event (or in lieu of an annual event)!

Does it have to be a single Yoga event to be tax exempt?

A series of events is acceptable, as long at the combined cost of all events is less than £150 per head.

How do I arrange a Yoga session for my organisation?

Get in touch for an initial free discussion with a yoga specialist on your particular situation. We will help you identify appropriate activities and tailor a schedule to fit your needs.

What sort of Yoga sessions should an organisation offer employees?

Coach Mentoring Ltd can offer a variety of virtual yoga sessions for your organisation, focussing on particular areas such as.

  • Yoga for anxiety
  • Yoga for sleep
  • Habit Stacking
  • Values
  • Boundaries
  • Joy
  • Meditation
  • Breathing practices
  • Grounding

We have found that a great introduction is a 15 minute meditation at the end of weekly team meetings. These can be followed by weekly sessions focussing on particular areas once employees are engaged.

Do participants in virtual yoga need special equipment?

Employees might not have much equipment, so sessions require nothing beyond a pillow, towel, or blanket at most. We will tailor sessions to suit different activities, for example if you have some employees who already are familiar with Yoga.

Who will be hosting the Tax exempt virtual yoga sessions?

Susan Dennis is a specialist in running virtual yoga sessions. She is very familiar with the needs of a wide range of organisations, having worked across many sectors.

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About Susie Dennis

Being involved in corporate life, new technology spin-off start up companies, Steve Jobs opening up MAC World 2000 with one of the technologies I was involved with. I led companies, travelled the world, bringing new technologies from conception to the market place. I planned, strategised, put together matrix, raised funding for research, put together the teams, fired the teams. I had fun! In addition to the yoga studios, I am a structural yoga therapist, using the yogic models to holistically facilitate clients to healing themselves. I run a CPCS and NPORS Training & Testing Centre, ITC Centre, NOCN Awards. Serving the Construction Industry. I do realise that the corporate world works in a very linear way. I do not. It is going off at a tangent, where most learning is achieved, sitting in calm, in the centre of the storm where the ideas come, where problem solving is achieved. The yogic life, the philosophy of yoga has a different language to that of the business world, but essentially the concepts are the same, the yogic methodology though is not time-lined as is the business world. The outcome is not the goal, the people you meet, the shared experiences, the study of the Self is the path.

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