Free webinars — coaching and mentoring programme design and training

Free WebinarsJoin three more of our free lunchtime webinars in June 2021 to discuss: How to design a mentoring programme, what to include in mentoring training and how to educate your internal coaches or line manager coaches. The webinars are just 30 minutes long, get straight to the point and will have time for questions and discussion. Perfect timing for anyone launching a programme in the Autumn of 2021!

Coaches and mentors — free lunch webinars

We had a great response to our free well-being webinars in early 2021. Now, refocussing on our USP, we bring a short series of free webinars on core topics in Coaching and Mentoring.

They are focussed, full of handy tips and make a tasty lunchtime treat at 1pm UK time. They are also wholesome, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free — so take your pick! 😉


Tips and ideas to set up your mentoring programme or revisit your current programme’s effectiveness

LisThe key steps to designing your mentoring programme. In this session I will take you through our eight step model to develop an effective programme and discuss the possible pitfalls you may encounter. This is suitable for anyone thinking about launching a programme. Also come and discuss your existing programmes with us for some free advice and consultancy.

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Lis Merrick, 14 July 2021 (rescheduled)


Free webinar on designing your mentoring training strategy

LisThis session will provide advice on your overall approach and content to developing mentors and mentees. It will discuss core content that every programme should include but also discuss variations, depending on the type of mentoring you are utilising. We will also touch briefly on the educative element of mentor supervision.

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Lis Merrick, 16 June 2021


Free webinar on designing your in-house coaching training strategy

LisWho needs to be developed as a coach internally and what is the best approach to developing these individuals? This session will discuss the types of coaching that can be utilised internally and offer an approach for both line manager coaches and internal coach development.

Book free — Coaching training strategy
Lis Merrick, 23 June 2021


So join us at any of these sessions for some informative and interactive discussion about these topics — all webinars will begin at 1pm. If you want a conversation before June, do get in contact.

Lis is happy to stay on the webinar afterwards for individual conversations, so don’t feel you have to rush away!

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3 thoughts on “Free webinars — coaching and mentoring programme design and training

  1. Are you able to share the recordings of these session as they seem like they would be useful but we unfortunately missed the sessions last year.

  2. Hi Vikki, to allow free discussions from all participants in an open forum we don’t record these sessions. We have some more free sessions coming soon on related topics.

    Or just get in touch for a chat and we’ll see how we can help with your programme…

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