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Group Coaching sessionAre you interested in becoming a Group Coach? Do you work with different groups of people and want to feel more confident in coaching them? Then join this Introduction to Group Coaching Webinar Programme in Autumn 2021!

Group Coaching is more effective than training and has the potential to develop quicker and better results with groups of individuals. It is an emerging and interesting field in coaching and one that many coaches lack the confidence to engage with.

Introduction to Group Coaching Webinar Programme

Whether you are an external or internal coach, you will be presented with opportunities where you may need to support some of these issues:

  • Creative problem solving in a disparate group of people,
  • Embedding the transfer of training,
  • Supporting engagement, participation and commitment to change affecting a group of individuals
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer and breaking down organisational silos

Delivered by Linda Grant of Coach Mentoring Ltd over three 90 minutes zoom sessions, the programme will explore the basics of Group Coaching and build a coach’s confidence to become a group coach.

Linda’s expertise is about making a difference to organisational performance through people. She has worked extensively with individuals and teams to facilitate change through the design, implementation and management of a range of interventions: as well as coaching and mentoring these include supporting culture change, brand development, people engagement, leadership development, talent management and performance management.

Develop your skills as a group coach

The programme will cover:

  • What is Group Coaching and what formats does it take?
  • The benefits of Group Coaching
  • How does it differ from Team Coaching or facilitation?
  • What are the uses and applications of Group Coaching?
  • Basic group dynamics and observational skills
  • What are the core skills a Group Coach needs?
  • Boundaries, ground rules and contracting in Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching models, processes and techniques
  • How do you handle dysfunctional behaviour in the group?
  • How will you take this forward into your coaching practice?

Participants should have a core knowledge of one-to-one coaching to join this programme. They should also be prepared to do some practice and reflection between sessions.

When are the group coaching sessions?

To allow time for reflective practice between sessions, the group coaching webinar dates are fortnightly on Tuesday afternoon UK time:

  • 5 October 2021
  • 19 October 2021
  • 2 November 2021

Each session runs from 13.30 to 15.00 UK time. The total cost for all three sessions is £300 per person plus VAT (if you reside in the UK).

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Delegates should hold an appropriate coaching qualification and be suitably experienced to undertake this programme. If in doubt please ask.

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About Linda Grant

Linda’s career in coaching and mentoring follows over 20 years of working in the fields of management and people development with her final corporate role focusing on strategic change and people development as Head of People and Leadership Development at Skipton Building Society. She is Principal Consultant of Coach Mentoring Ltd and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees at Leeds Mind.

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