Free webinars — How to have more effective mentoring relationships

Free lunchtime webinars — effective mentoring relationshipsHappy New Year, we hope that 2022 is healthy and fulfilling for you all! Every year Coach Mentoring Ltd. briefs many hundreds of mentors and mentees in how to get the best out of their mentoring relationships. Join Lis Merrick for some free bite-size sessions to help you optimise your own mentoring skills and knowledge. It’s a great way to sample a taste of what we might offer your organisation’s mentors and mentees!

Free lunch webinars to develop more effective mentoring relationships

We had a great response to our free well-being webinars in early 2021. Now, focussing on our USP, we bring a series of free webinars on developing those core techniques for effective mentoring relationships amongst your programme participants.

They are focussed, full of handy tips and make a tasty lunch-time treat at 12:30 pm UK time. Delivered by a passionate mentoring guru and lifetime achievement award winner, these snacks remain wholesome, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free — so take your pick! 😉


The power of reflective space in mentoring

Reflective SpaceUnderstand the significance and power of reflection within a developmental dialogue and discover how a mentor can better facilitate reflective space for their mentee through using a process model.

Book free — Reflective Space
Wednesday 19th January 2022 @ 12:30 (UK)


Deep listening skills for mentoring

Deep ListeningListening is the key skill a mentor requires to be truly effective at whatever stage of their development. Join this explorative and experiential session to practise your listening skills. Come prepared to listen and be listened to!

Book free — Deep Listening
Wednesday 26th January 2022 @ 12:30 (UK)


How to set direction in a mentoring relationship

Setting DirectionTips and ideas to help your mentee set direction for the relationship. Plus useful guidance for mentors to continue to create a conducive environment for their mentee to enable them to develop their focus and agenda throughout the relationship.

Book free — Setting Direction
Tuesday 1st February 2022 @ 12:30 (UK)


How to get the most out of your mentoring relationship

ExplorationAn exploration of useful methods and process for both mentors and mentees to adopt to maximise the effectiveness and quality of their mentoring dialogues and relationships. A lot lurks in this short and sweet description, don’t be deceived. Come join in and learn…

Book free — Mentoring Relationships
Wednesday 16th February 2022 @ 12:30 (UK)


How to develop as a mentor

Personal DevelopmentMentoring is generally a voluntary, unpaid activity and mentors undergo fairly basic preparation as opposed to coaches, who often undertake accredited programmes before practising. So how can mentors create their own learning pathway in order to grow their skills and knowledge? This session will explore some ideas for mentors to take forward to create their own development plan.

Book free — Develop as a Mentor
Wednesday 23rd February 2022 @ 12:30 (UK)


All webinars start at 12:30 and will last for approximately 30 minutes — there will be an element of interactivity, especially the session on ‘Listening Skills’. If you want a chat beforehand, do get in contact. Lis is happy to stay on most webinars afterwards for individual conversations, so don’t feel you have to rush away!

More webinars coming soon…

Coach Mentoring Ltd is planning a packed year of lunch-time webinars, do sign up to our newsletter to keep informed of what is coming next, or contact to register your interest in future webinars.

For IWD 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, we will run sessions on Women’s Ambition, Imposter Syndrome and ‘Sticky Floors’ during early March 2022.

For Mentor CPD

And from April 2022, we are planning sessions to consider how some knowledge of these topics can inform your mentoring practice:

  • Understanding happiness
  • Exploring your strengths
  • Developing courage
  • Tips from Stoic philosophy
  • Building career resilience
  • Ideas from the Japanese traditions of Ikigai, Wabi Sabi and Kintsugi.

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