How active listening holds an attentive space with complete focus

Active ListeningActive Listening is the practice of holding space for someone with complete focus on them. It is attentively and purposefully listening to what is said, capturing every word and sign both verbal and non-verbal. This encourages individuals to hear themselves, and to be gently supported and encouraged by the Listener to reflect on what they have shared and expressed.

Why promote active listening to complement coaching and mentoring?

Coach Mentoring Ltd. feels that Active Listening sits alongside our coaching and mentoring offering in a beautiful way. Pure, unadulterated listening is a total gift. So we are working in partnership with Becky to offer this service through ourselves, or to signpost you to her directly.


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Active listening creates a safe space for the talker

A place to speak with no judgements being made about you, no risk of hurting anyone you care about. There are no interruptions or quick fixes offered. Just space for thoughts and feelings to be named and owned.

As this happens there is space for a change of perspective and clarity of thought to develop. This allows inner strength and confidence to build, encouraged all the time by the Listener.

Clarity and PerspectiveNot everyone is looking for another person to offer quick fixes and solutions to problems. Sometimes this can add pressure and confuse. The practice of Active Listening believes that the process of being heard is highly validating and trust-building. It can help empower an individual to work things out for themselves when they can feel at a loss as to how to change things or move forward.

Why does Active Listening matter?

I believe we all have a longing and deep need to be listened to with purpose and full attention from another, but it is so rare that we get this opportunity.

Yet, I’ve witnessed many times how the experience of being actively listened to brings about amazing healing.

We need to be listened to more than ever. Life is hectic and the pace seems to be getting ever faster. Added to this, the uncertainty of the last couple of years has piled on even more stress and pressure. So, time and opportunity to speak about the anxieties and stress we are carrying is rare. Finding someone with the time and ability to listen well and for long enough, is even more rare!

A time to talk

Time to talkI work closely with the GP’s at my local doctors surgery, where I take patient referrals for listening support. 30% of patients do not need a clinical response from a doctor, instead they need time to talk. Time to talk heals!

As an active listener I can help people at their point of need. Gently and non-intrusively bringing about change through renewed clarity, strength and determination — before issues grow bigger.

Where is Active Listening useful?

Active Listening is usually used in one-to-one listening support, but can also work well as mediation where there is a dispute or communication difficulty between two people.

Active Listening reaches across all age ranges and is useful within all organisations and settings.

Want to know more?

Becky Berry, Active Listening TherapyTo find out more about the practice of Active Listening, how it works and details of what I offer. Visit Active Listening Support to find out more about how Active Listening is different from counselling therapies. See how it can work well either on its own — empowering you to move towards a more positive outlook and sense of improved well-being, or in collaboration with all kinds of therapy.

You will also find out more about me, Becky Berry; my background, experience, passion and motivations.

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