A one-stop shop for all aspects of your mentoring programme

Mentoring a one-stop shopWe are a one-stop shop for all aspects of setting up and running your mentoring programme. From developing the rationale, through influencing stakeholders, to communications and publicity. Plus briefing and matching of the participants, whilst offering support, especially through the early stages. We even take care of the day-to-day running of your programme, with evaluation to inform future programmes.

An à la carte menu for all aspects of your mentoring programme

à la carte mentoring menuAt Coach Mentoring Ltd., we have supported over 250 mentoring programmes and know that each client is different, so we adjust our support to match their needs. There is no one-size suits all solution into which we shoe-horn clients.

Your mentoring programme served with the cost-effective human touch

More-effective cost-effectiveMentoring platforms work well for many organisations. However, plenty of clients tell us that they are not getting the results they were looking for. Embracing our experience means these clients can get the benefits of bespoke matching of participants, plus the interactivity and inspiration of real briefings from consultants passionate about mentoring.

For programmes smaller than a few hundred participants, this can be both cost-effective and more-effective than a mentoring platform.

As much or as little support, just when you need it

3 times more likely to succeedSome organisations have run programmes before and look after much of the programme themselves. However, they know they’re not expert in briefing participants to get the best from their partnerships. So they ask us to train their mentees and mentors on the skills they will need for a successful mentoring relationship.

Other clients might be taking their first exploratory steps into the world of mentoring. They appreciate our experience and advice as they design their programme and influence their stakeholders. In this case we support with identifying a clear purpose and success factors for their mentoring.

It’s not a package — mentoring programmes change and evolve

Needs changeAs our clients get to know us, they realise we have done this before and know what we’re taking about. Moreover, as situations within the organisation evolve, we apply this experience to adapt and change our offerings to best suit.

Extra learning, support and supervision

Often a client identifies a need for extra skills briefings, or support and supervision sessions. Perhaps new participants have joined the programme who were unable to attend initial briefings. Or after performing evaluation, it’s clear that participants need the reassurance and re-focussing brought by a support and supervision session. Or perhaps they would benefit from development on other topics?


No up-front or on-going commitments

Flexible professional mentoring supportThere are no packaged up-front commitments, no fixed costs or tie-in. We provide an initial, itemised, costed proposal and usually invoice as we deliver each tranche of work. If a client wants more or less work, we are happy to accommodate most requests where possible and with reasonable notice.

We find our clients stay with us and return to us because we offer an effective flexible, professional mentoring service — backed by academic research.

Bespoke matching of mentors and mentees

Finding the right mentor for a mentee is crucial. Some clients know their staff and perform the matching of mentors and mentees themselves. However, frequently organisations don’t have the resources or skills to do this matching in-house.

Bespoke matching algorithmWe work with organisations to understand the key aspects of their mentoring programme. From this we design and host a bespoke application form for programme participants. By carefully including key questions and development aims, our bespoke matching algorithm can prioritise likely good matches. Then an experienced consultant proposes the best match and introduces the mentee to their new mentor.

Matching across time zones, gender, development aims and more

This process of preference-based selection works particularly well for multi-national and across-organisational clients, as we consider time zone differences, seniority, development aims, current team, gender preference, and participant experience. Our mingling of machine and human intelligence provides a best of all worlds match for programmes with dozens or hundreds of mentoring pairs.

Support, review and evaluation across all aspects of your mentoring programme

Review and evaluationIt is important that your programme is evaluated with a good balance of quantitative and qualitative measures so that you can assess its effectiveness and make changes if needed. We can perform baseline, mid-way and final evaluation during your programme to monitor any beliefs and behavioural changes during the programme.

Train the Trainers for a sustainable mentoring programme

Lots of clients have internal staff who can support their programme themselves, yet don’t have the knowledge to do this. So in this case, we are happy to devise a programme and create materials and briefings to provide clients the skills they need to support their on-going mentoring cohorts.

Self-help materials to setup an internal mentoring programme

When running an internal programme we offer all the mentoring support materials you might need during your mentoring programme. Just pick and choose, or we can support you in creating custom materials.

So what next? How do I kick-off my mentoring programme?

Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a free chat to talk through your situation. Then if you want to proceed, we’ll issue a detailed proposal of how we might support you with a bespoke programme to suit your needs.


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