Use mentoring to positively impact climate change!

Mentoring for climate changeOrganisations can use mentoring to step-up and take the lead on climate change now, rather than wait for governments to impose regulations, which will be too late! The biophysical underpinnings of our world are all threatened by accelerating climate change and the speed and scale of sustainability efforts have been inadequate to date.

What can you do to influence climate change?

Influencing organisational behaviour through education about the impact of climate change and more importantly, the steps which can be taken to make positive interventions by organisations, is a critical factor in tackling climate change. However, an even more powerful intervention, once key decision makers understand the hard facts, is to provide them with quality reflective space to work out what to do about it and to think longer term!

Coach Mentoring Ltd. believes one simple way to change the behaviour of senior decision makers, is through mentoring.

Why use mentoring to influence behaviours and thinking?

Developmental mentoring is primarily about developing the quality of reflection of the mentee, often with tacit knowledge input from the mentor. It is characterised by being a two-way learning relationship, where often a mentor can gain as much as their mentee from the relationship.

Mentoring can take different forms:

  1. With a more senior experienced mentor working with a more junior mentee.
  2. With peers working together, which can also be a reciprocal relationship.
  3. In a reciprocal or reverse mentoring arrangement, where the mentor may be less experienced in status to the mentee, but more knowledgeable about particular areas such as climate change and sustainability.

Mentoring to influence climate change could be more powerful if organisations use option 3, where more knowledgeable, passionate mentors work with more senior leaders in the organisation. However, mentoring in any format to suit the organisation’s specific needs will make a difference.

Mentoring will allow the mentee time to reflect on their values, drivers, motivation and roles within their organisation. How to drive through change, to support internal and external thriving (not just survival) and develop their own and their organisation’s courage to do things differently. Mentoring will challenge their assumptions and behaviours.

We can help you use mentoring to impact climate change

Coach Mentoring Ltd. can support you to provide more senior leaders and decision makers with both the opportunity to have quality reflection time to discuss climate change, but also to provide the knowledge, tools and learning backed up by resources, to make a powerful and tangible difference.

We can provide robust mentor and mentee education to organisations who are interested in using mentoring to support their climate thinking. We can include some fundamental briefing materials on climate change as part of both the mentor and mentee briefings and resources. As well as signposting mentors (and mentees) to some curated guidance resources.

Climate emergency

So don’t delay, your planet will thank you

We believe mentoring can provide better developed and informed leadership and key decision maker thinking, enabling organisations to work more effectively on their organisational climate impact.

Get in touch, we would love to talk climate and mentoring with you.

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