Mentor CPD, free lunchtime education webinars — Autumn 2023

Lunchtime webinarIn Autumn 2023, join these free 30-minute mentor continuing professional development sessions during UK lunchtime. Lis Merrick will lead most of these discussions, aimed at supporting mentor CPD in a relaxed, interactive, informative and fun environment. Guest speakers will also bring their experience to topics. Our series includes supporting your mentee with self-confidence and self-belief, mentoring and diversity, mentoring through career transitions, helping your mentee through liminal space, solutions focussed mentoring and reverse mentoring. The series culminates in an extended mentor supervision session.

Autumn Mentor CPD Lunchtime Webinars

All 30-minutes at 12.30 UK time. Book any/all the sessions that appeal.

Mentor CPD — Diversity in mentoring

Mentor CPD — Diversity in MentoringJoin Rukaya Adeyemi and Lis Merrick to explore how to mentor someone from an under-represented background. Lis will be talking from the perspective of preparing mentors in diversity mentoring programmes.

Rukaya will bring her practical experience to speak from the lens of things to consider in how to get the best out of mentoring a mentee from an under-represented background.

Rukaya is passionately committed to creating an equitable workforce for underrepresented young professionals, particularly women and ethnic minorities. Drawn from her STEM background and diverse professional journey, from KPMG consulting to technology and entrepreneurship in the VC/Startup space. Her drive lies in supporting social mobility, well-being and career development. Through personalized programs and 1:1 coaching sessions, she empowers young professionals during their crucial early stages. helping them navigate the professional world, build unshakeable confidence and unlock their full leadership potential.

Book free — Diversity in mentoring

Wednesday 13th September 2023 @ 12:30 (UK)
Rukaya Adeyemi and Lis Merrick

Supporting your mentee to build their self-confidence and self-belief

Self-confidence and self-beliefAs your rapport develops in your mentoring relationship, mentees may begin to discuss with you their sense of low self-confidence. Or you may identify through some of your conversations that something appears to be holding them back, which leads onto admission that confidence may be an issue in their life.

Join Lis to discuss how self-confidence is part of your mentee’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Explore the differences between self-confidence, self-belief and self-efficacy and how to support your mentee to explore, understand and develop these areas further in their lives.

Book free — Supporting your mentee to build their self-confidence and self-belief

Tuesday 3rd October 2023 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick

Helping your mentee with career transition

Career transitionJoin Jamie Hanif to explore helping your mentee with career transition. Individuals as well as their careers are constantly evolving, whether this is driven by organisational change such as redundancy, career breaks or suddenly feeling unfulfilled creating a desire for reinvention and seeking a new direction in their careers and life.

Transitioning to a new career is demanding and often requires self-knowledge and resilience. In this webinar we explore how you can support your mentee to map out and plan their new transition by exploring their identity, values, strengths and potential opportunities and help create the bridge for your mentee to move forward in a new direction.

Jamie Hanif is a Learning & Development Consultant, designing and delivering leadership and management programmes as well as coaching skills workshops. She is a Chartered member of CIPD and Associate member of Association for Coaching as well as Master NLP practitioner, enabling her to provide coaching to support individuals in their career development.

Book free — Helping your mentee with career transition

Wednesday 18th October 2023 @ 12:30 (UK)
Jamie Hanif

Understanding and using Liminal Space as a mentor

Liminal SpaceAs mentors, we spend a lot of time supporting our mentees through change and transition. However, how much time do we spend supporting our mentees to linger in that in-between stage between letting go of the old and starting afresh with something new? Do we really help them to stop, explore and listen to what is going on in their lives?

Helping them to develop a beginner’s mind can be quite scary, yet often this opening up of their mind, being vulnerable in times of change and finding new doors of opportunity can support your mentee to be open to really powerful change in their lives.

Some mentees tolerate being in liminal space better than others. Join Lis to explore this fascinating part of mentoring through change and transition.

Book free — Understanding and using Liminal Space as a mentor

Tuesday 31st October 2023 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick

Using a Solution Focussed Approach as a mentor

Solutions focussedMany of you who are coaches will use a solution focussed approach in your practice. However, it is just as helpful as a technique within a mentoring conversation.

Whether you are using ‘The Miracle Question’ or bringing in an approach of focussing on what works in your mentee’s life that can be built on further, this approach from the School of Positive Psychology should be in every mentor’s toolkit. It simply asks mentees to think about what they want to achieve and then helps them plan how to get there — just what it says on the tin!

Book free — Using a Solution Focussed Approach as a mentor

Thursday 16th November 2023 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick and Dаvid Firmаn

Reverse mentoring as part of an EDI agenda

Reverse MentoringReverse Mentoring is currently very popular with organisations, particularly those wanting to develop a mentoring programme as part of their EDI agenda. However, in our experience these programmes often don’t deliver the results intended.

Join Lis for an exploration into what is Reverse Mentoring, how it is used and the areas that you should be aware of if you are a mentor or mentee in this type of programme. Please do come and discuss your experiences if you are involved in a Reverse Mentoring Programme currently and let Lis know in advance if you would like to share.

Book free — Reverse mentoring as part of an EDI agenda

Wednesday 29th November 2023 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick

Mentor CPD supervision

Mentor CPD SupervisionFollowing the success of our Summer CPD Supervision Finale, we would like to invite you to a further group supervision session for mentors. This is particularly useful for those of you who do not have supervision arrangements in place already. The session will last for one hour and we will cap this at 20 participants.

Mentor supervision is supporting an ethical and qualitative check in on your mentoring experience and will provide an educative input both from your peers and Lis in the session. If you would like more information about the session, please contact Lis.

Book free — Mentor CPD supervision (12 noon (UK) — 60 minutes)

Wednesday 13th December 2023 @ 12:00 (UK)
Lis Merrick

Apart from the final mentor CPD supervision session, all webinars will last for approximately 30 minutes — there will be an element of interactivity. Do get in contact to chat beforehand, or stay on after a webinar afterwards for an individual conversation!

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