Across organisational mentor/mentee matching in the Humanitarian sector

Leaders, or future leaders, in the humanitarian sector are benefiting from mentoring conversations with individuals from another organisation, yet with similar specialisms. Across organisational matching, in relevant thematic areas, creates more dialogue and powerful shared learning for both mentees and mentors. In 2023, 300 participants have joined AOMP from 17 organisations and 66 countries.

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Free mentor professional development webinar schedule — Winter 2024

Mentor professional development early 2024Free 30-minute mentor continuing professional development sessions in winter 2024 during UK lunchtime. As usual, Lis Merrick will lead most of these discussions, with guest speakers also bringing their experience to topics. This time we include talk of psychological safety, artificial intelligence, mental health and boundaries in mentoring. Whether you are new to mentoring, or an old hand looking for fresh ideas, join these relaxed, interactive and fun mentor CPD sessions.

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What coaching could look like supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence CoachCoaching, like many parts of our lives are being changed by rapid advancements in technology. I believe that it’s not a case of whether or not artificial intelligence will influence coaching. It’s more about understanding what and how AI can support coaching. That way we can be ready to make the most of it! Looking to the future is always a creative endeavour of what could be and might be…

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