Free mentor professional development webinar schedule — Winter 2024

Mentor professional development early 2024Free 30-minute mentor continuing professional development sessions in winter 2024 during UK lunchtime. As usual, Lis Merrick will lead most of these discussions, with guest speakers also bringing their experience to topics. This time we include talk of psychological safety, artificial intelligence, mental health and boundaries in mentoring. Whether you are new to mentoring, or an old hand looking for fresh ideas, join these relaxed, interactive and fun mentor CPD sessions.

All webinars last for approximately 30 minutes — there will be an element of interactivity. Do get in contact to chat beforehand, or stay on a webinar afterwards for an individual conversation!

Understanding boundaries in mentoring

Boundaries in mentoring

Join Liam Moore for this session on understanding boundaries in mentoring. Liam is an experienced coach, supervisor and former learning and development lead. During his time working in-house for different organisations, he was fascinated by the role that boundaries play in developing and supporting internal mentoring programmes.

Boundaries play a significant role in mentoring, giving shape and structure to the relationship and supporting achievement of successful outcomes. They help us to recognise mentoring’s limitations. However, boundaries also offer freedom, creativity and safety. In this session, we will offer some brief examples of where we are likely to encounter boundaries in mentoring and explore the role that they play in delivering good quality practice.

Book free — Understanding boundaries in mentoring

Thursday 11th January 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Liam Moore


How Artificial Intelligence might support mentoring and coaching

Artificial Intelligence Coach

Lydia Sparrow is an experienced operations and leadership professional in the charity and non-profit sector. She has worked as a leader, manager and advisor both in the UK and across the world. Join her as she leads a fascinating session on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can support coaching and mentoring in the future.

Lydia will consider what is AI and how it can be used in Coaching and Mentoring? What are the advantages and risks of using it and perhaps, one day if it will replace you?

Book free — How AI might support mentoring and coaching

Tuesday 23rd January 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lydia Sparrow


Developing psychological safety in a mentoring relationship

Psychological safety professional development

As mentors it is critical that we create psychological safety in our mentoring relationships. In this session, Lis Merrick will explore what we mean by psychological safety? What it looks like in a mentoring relationship and how we can work with our mentees to develop it?

An effective mentor will be aware of the different stages of psychological safety and be sufficiently self-aware to understand where they are operating in each unique mentoring relationship and what might get in the way of moving through each stage.

This is a session to challenge you and to create personal action as a mentor around a professional development topic you may have only reflected on superficially before.

Book free — Developing psychological safety in mentoring

Tuesday 6th February 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick


Supporting mental health and well-being through mentoring

Mental Health and well-being

As your mentee becomes more comfortable working with you in your mentoring relationship, the conversation may turn to how lonely they may feel in their organisation, or how they are unable to express their concerns about work to their boss or others. Perhaps your mentee is afraid of what the future holds, or they are feeling burnt out in their current role.

Join Lis Merrick in this session to discuss how you can provide a safe space to your mentee where they will not be judged and they can express their thoughts and opinions. You can encourage them to develop hope, build resilience and increase their mental capability to thrive in adverse and difficult situations.

Book free — Supporting mental health and well-being

Tuesday 20th February 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick


How to engage a Gen Z mentee?

Gen Z mentee's photographing pizza

Zoomers, Post-Millennials or Gen Z, whatever you would like to call that generation born between 1997 to about 2012, can be a complex generation to mentor. The pandemic impacted either their early careers or their education. Now as many of them are starting to work their way up the career ladder, organisations are turning to mentoring to support their learning and to keep them engaged and loyal.

Join Lis Merrick to learn more about this fascinating generation and ideas/techniques to support them most effectively through mentoring. As Lis also lives with two Gen Zs, she has lots to share!

Book free — How to engage a Gen Z mentee

Thursday 14th March 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick


Mentor CPD supervision session

Mentor CPD SupervisionFollowing the success of our previous supervision sessions, we end this tranche with a further group supervision session for mentors. Mentors who do not already have supervision arrangements in place will find this is particularly useful. The session is one hour and limited to the first 20 participants.

Mentor supervision is supporting an ethical and qualitative check in on your mentoring experience and provides an educative input from both your peers and Lis in the session. If you would like more information about the session, please contact Lis.

Book free — Mentor CPD supervision (12 noon (UK) — 60 minutes)

Tuesday 26th March 2024 @ 12:00 (UK)
Lis Merrick


Post-Easter 2024 mentor professional development topics…

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