Spring 2024 mentor professional development webinar schedule

Free Mentor CPD Spring 2024Spring is here and so is our next tranche of 30-minute mentor CPD sessions. Come along and enjoy your lunch to the sound of mentor development. You might find your authentic mentoring self, or discover your mentee’s purpose. Maybe Liu Liu‘s discussion on bridging cultures will unlock your mentee’s potential. Whatever sparks joy for you, you’re sure to find something tasty!

All webinars last for approximately 30 minutes — there will be an element of interactivity. Do get in contact to chat beforehand, or stay on a webinar afterwards for an individual conversation!

Bridging cultures: Helping mentors unlock mentee potential

unlock mentee potential

In this session, Liu Liu will explore the concept of the cultural lens in mentoring. He will discuss how to avoid bias in mentoring sessions, the difference between mentoring and coaching, and how cultural backgrounds can influence both mentors and mentees.

Liu Liu will also explore some do’s and don’ts for culturally aware mentoring.

Book free — Bridging cultures

Tuesday 9th April 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Liu Liu


Finding my authentic mentoring self

The best gift is you

In this session, Lis will cover what is authenticity and what it means to you? And how to be authentic as a mentor, particularly in more diverse relationships.

Authenticity can be a tricky area, do you really come across as genuine when you work with your mentee, or are you trying to be something you are not? We will consider some techniques to support your authenticity as a mentor and help you to be more conscious of how you present to your mentee.

Book free — Finding my authentic mentoring self

Wednesday 24th April 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick


What is your mentee’s purpose in having a mentor?

Mentee’s purpose

We will explore the different categories of purpose that mentees have when seeking a mentor as well as providing an opportunity for you to consider how well you fit these different categories of purpose.

The aim of this webinar is give you confidence as a mentor to believe you can mentor most people whatever your experience and background!

Book free — Your mentee’s purpose in having a mentor?

Tuesday 7th May 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick


Ghosting and cadence in mentoring

Ghosting and Cadence

This webinar will consider two fascinating aspects of mentoring that I have been asked about recently.

Have you been ‘ghosted’ by your mentee? This is something that is on the increase in recent years and can really impact the mentor’s self-confidence.

What about the regularity of your meetings? Do you have a regular pattern or is it very ad-hoc? Does this impact the quality of your relationship?

We will consider both of these topics briefly in this session. Do bring your own experiences along to discuss.

Book free — Ghosting and cadence in mentoring

Tuesday 21st May 2024 @ 12:30 (UK)
Lis Merrick


Summer 2024 mentor professional development topics…

Looking forward to June, we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary with a month of 60-minute sessions hosted by our wonderful and amazing consultants. So sign up to our newsletter to keep informed of what’s coming next. Perhaps leave a comment below to suggest a topic you’d like to see discussed in the autumn!

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