About Liam Moore

Liam is an experienced coach, supervisor and facilitator helping people to make sense of their challenges and find practical ways to address them. Having enjoyed a successful career in commercial, creative sector roles in organisations such as the BBC, Liam transitioned into learning and development in 2010. He has held various in-house L&D roles, partnering with leaders to promote team performance and delivering management, coaching and mentoring, and culture projects in market-leading organisations.

Managing mentoring boundaries to shape and structure better outcomes

Boundaries in mentoringLike a lot of terminology in the helping professions, the word ‘boundaries’ has crossed over in recent years into the public domain. As is often the case, the concept of boundaries in mentoring is rather more nuanced than we find in its daily use. Boundaries give shape and structure to mentoring. They help us to recognise mentoring’s limitations. However, boundaries also offer freedom, creativity and safety. Here, we offer some brief examples of where we are likely to encounter boundaries in mentoring and explore the role that they play in delivering good quality practice.
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