About Lis Merrick

Lis Merrick is Managing Director of Coach Mentoring Limited, the ISMCP Accreditation Chair (European Mentoring and Coaching Council International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes), a Visiting Fellow of the Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Business School and she was the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) UK President from 2015 to 2018.

Free personal development well-being webinars to help you thrive

Join specialists from across a range of topics to explore well-being techniques to help you thrive. During our more traditional coaching, mentoring and leadership development work, we have noticed a demand for improving employee well-being. Connect with our diverse team on any of nine free fortnightly webinars for ideas to improve well-being for yourself or within your organisation.

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Black Friday Coaching and Mentoring discounts, 20% off

Black Friday Coaching and Mentoring discountsFor Black Friday we bring to you our Thriving through Chaos journey and Mentoring Starter Package, each with a 20% discount! Prepare for the future with practical ideas to support coaching and mentoring dialogues, or to thrive in your life — online, offline or via interactive webinar. Alternatively, start or review your own mentoring programme personalised to your organisation’s needs and support employees through the next few difficult months.

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How to mentor during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mentor in a pandemicBeing a mentor during the Covid-19 Pandemic is different. Everything we do currently is different. From working remotely for many, to how we socialise and shop. Most people, both at work and home, are experiencing a far greater level of stress than normal. Mentees can adopt a different practical emphasis, both to maximise the impact of their learning and to support them to thrive through the chaos. Mentors need new behaviours to support their mentees in more innovative ways. And organisations need the benefits of mentoring more than ever!

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Support Mental Health during a pandemic using coaching and mentoring

Mental HealthWhat a roller-coaster six months the whole world has experienced. From the stress of moving to working from home, to being on furlough or losing your job, to the pressures of home schooling, isolation and lack of contact or being available online 24/7. Some has been work-related stress, anxiety about the global pandemic or economic recession, bereavement or grief over losing our old ‘normality’. People have had to face it all! Our collective mental health has suffered during this period. Let’s explore what impact the pandemic has taken on mental health and how coaching and mentoring can provide support to help people feel emotionally and mentally well as they go forward in this difficult period.

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Thriving through chaos! How to navigate the pandemic

Thriving through chaosEvery day we face alarming news, fake or otherwise, that throws our minds into turmoil. How we decide to react, engage and evaluate our situation is down to us, our mindset, our ability to be resilient and how we develop our adaptive capacity. We have two solutions to support yourselves or encourage others, to make the best choices during this pandemic, maintain good mental health and to thrive through chaos!

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Diversity dialogue: learning conversations across the barriers of difference

Many of the problems in workplaces, from lack of creativity to failure to use the spectrum of talent within an organisation, are at base communication failures. Prejudice and unconscious bias thrive wherever people do not feel able to have open and authentic conversations about difference. But these can be rapidly overcome when people are able to share and explore together their assumptions about each other—hence diversity dialogue.

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