Mentoring Starter Package — Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum1 Setup guidelines | 2 Communication materials | 3 Matching guidance | 4 Training materials | 5 Support and supervision | 6 Evaluation tips and materials

Mentoring Starter PackageMentoring Starter Package - Core Curriculum is a complete ready made internal mentoring programme. It consists of 6 Core Curriculum modules each focusing on a different aspect of your mentoring programme.

Benefit from vast experience in designing and delivering mentoring programmes. This product shows you how to implement your organisation’s own effective mentoring programme built on the best practice in the mentoring field!

Succeed with your mentoring programme

Designing a successful mentoring programme that delivers the results you are looking to achieve can be a difficult process, particularly if the organisational culture is at odds with the philosophy of mentoring or the senior management are paying lip service to the programme’s introduction.

However, with some understanding of good practice around programme design, and following our step-by-step guide and supporting materials, this will help you set up an effective programme.

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1 Set-up Guidelines

Includes the 8 essential design stages to ensure the success of your mentoring programme.

2 Communication materials

Important tips for recruiting and marketing to mentors, mentees, HR and line managers to effectively engage all stakeholders.

3 Matching guidance

A pre-requisite for excellent relationships, including sample matching forms and guidelines.

4 Training materials

The fundamentals to educate your participants, with a slide deck and facilitator notes for a productive mentoring relationship.

5 Support and supervision

Sustain and energise your programme and support your participants, including practical recommendations and content for supervision sessions.

6 Evaluation tips and materials

Tweak your programme for better results and justify your business case for on-going mentoring, with guidelines, a sample evaluation strategy and forms.

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