Help children roll the dice on climate change

Climate Change DiceOne of our recent well-being webinars (How to be an Eco-Warrior) introduced us to a new climate change friend. Pendar Vatanian, a certified Environmental Management Systems Auditor, created a #ClimateDice game after working with schools for a decade. He hopes to boost children’s imaginations and help them to re-imagine an alternative positive future. Like us, Pendar is a firm believer in the positive power of the imagination, in business as well as education.

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Why mentoring and mentoring software make such a good match!

Mentoring softwareA recent article in Forbes said, “Having a mentor is the greatest gift someone can receive”. It is also the most significant treasure someone can offer. Another article says, “those who have mentors out-earn and out-perform those who try going about it on their own.” Dr. Ruth Gotian talks about the emotional and pyscho-social benefit and support a mentoring programme (with or without mentoring software) can offer, which isn’t there as part of a normal working day.

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Coaching and mentoring to ride your best wave

Riding your waveThe days are lighter and longer. The number of people vaccinated is growing rapidly. Coronavirus cases are going down in most areas and restrictions are going to be lifting shortly. We have a renewed sense of hope! But hold on a minute… Before you rush off with new plans and direction, are you feeling prepared and in a good place mentally to move forward? Surfers are selective and only paddle for waves that are worthwhile and fit their experience category. Just imagine yourself as a surfer for a moment. Do you know how to find your next perfect wave and ride it forward?

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Free webinars — coaching and mentoring programme design and training

Free webinarsJoin three more of our free lunchtime webinars in June 2021 to discuss: How to design a mentoring programme, what to include in mentoring training and how to educate your internal coaches or line manager coaches. The webinars are just 30 minutes long, get straight to the point and will have time for questions and discussion. Perfect timing for anyone launching a programme in the Autumn of 2021! Continue reading

Tax exempt yoga to support well-being in lieu of a Christmas Party

Tax Exempt Virtual YogaTax exempt virtual yoga sessions will support the well-being of your employees. Many of whom are suffering both physically and mentally under the stresses of working from home during lockdown. They also might have missed out on the usual Christmas party or other annual social event. Your organisation can offer one or more fun yoga sessions to support well-being and address problems with posture, anxiety, sleep and insomnia.

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Virtual Team Development using TMSDI Team Management Profile

Virtual Team Development and Working From HomeFor many people, remote working is not a new phenomenon. In the 1980’s remote working began to be actively encouraged and the term “telecommuting” coined as a drive to minimise traffic congestion and pollution in some of the most densely populated US states. More recently, the possibility of flexible and remote working has been used as a tool to attract and retain employees. Now in 2021, with remote working established as the norm for so many of us, both the need and demand for Virtual Team Development is accelerating dramatically!

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