What mentees want from their mentors

What mentees wantThe more self-aware a mentor can be about their behaviour and the degree to which they listen to their mentees around what the mentee is looking for from them, the better the relationship can be.

This video explores two different and sometimes competing models of mentoring which are used globally. It also provides a simple and practical framework to help mentors understand how to behave effectively in an organisational mentoring programme.

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“Beyond Frontiers” Coaching at Work Conference

Coaching at work

Lis Merrick is running a session at the Coaching at Work “Beyond Frontiers” Conference on the 23rd November 2011.

She will be presenting a cross-cultural mentoring case study from her work with the World Wildlife Fund. The case study will showcase using two relationships, with the same mentee, some of the best practice in mentoring across different cultures, as well as illustrating women’s leadership mentoring.

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