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Thriving through chaosReview | Reimagine | Reinvent 

Practical ideas to support coaching and mentoring conversations through continual change. An online personal reflective journey through sixteen insightful ideas across three themes to read and reflect on. Create new solutions and outcomes for not just surviving but thriving in this chaotic and uncertain world.

Offline Thriving through Chaos

Are you a coach or mentor, or maybe just looking for an offline way of Thriving through Chaos? This journey is also available as seventeen beautiful postcards and 40 page explanatory booklet.


Why explore your life at this time?

The world has become even more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. We are coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic, the grief of ‘Black Lives Matter’, plus the enormous disparities in health and socioeconomics, with social unrest and political instability in many places.

So, we have developed this online programme to support your personal reflection in what we see as a VUCA squared existence. The level of uncertainty and anxiety experienced by most people is unprecedented since World War Two and we need fresh techniques and ideas to facilitate our thinking and personal learning to support us to thrive and not just survive, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

Adjusting to this ‘new normal’ is exhausting. How can you cope with an ever-changing situation which is really indefinite uncertainty?

For those people who want to explore their lives at this time, the need is greater than simply building resilience and bouncing back. Individuals need to develop their adaptive capacity to adjust to the current potential damage and threats to themselves and take advantage of opportunities, which may be first presented as obstacles. Initially, you may simply wish to think about accepting the reality you currently find yourself in and how this is framed, but in time, we hope some of our ideas and techniques may be useful in your deeper thinking. You can use this content for self-reflection, or you can choose to work through them with a partner, friend or colleague, or your own coach or mentor.

Ideas and techniques to stimulate self-reflection grouped under three themes:

  • Review – building your self-awareness to understand your current reality more effectively
  • Reimagine – providing support for you to create and innovate a revitalised, improved future existence for yourself and perhaps your workplace and society
  • Reinvent – helping you to experiment and put your new ideas into practice.

We are drawing upon thinking in different disciplines and fields ranging from ancient Stoic Philosophy to the latest Neuroscience to bring you an eclectic but a powerful smorgasbord of ideas!

Thriving through Chaos — There is more to explore on this journey!

PreviewThriving through Chaos —  17 ideas across three themes

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