Developing Individuals through Coaching

Developmental Coaching

Our full range of Coaching Solutions offer:

  • Executive Coaching to support individuals in their career and leadership journeys
  • Coaches to deliver Team Coaching to create highly effective teams
  • The design and delivery of Internal coach and coaching in the line programmes, so you can develop your people to be coaches!

Executive or Individual Developmental Coaching

With individual one-to-one coaching, our purpose is to give individuals control over their own learning process, to support them in clarifying their goals and provide them with the reflective space to enable them to make sense of their lives and help them to make the transitions and changes they want to make. It is about releasing their individual capability, raising their self-awareness and helping them to become the people they want to be. Coaches act as external stimulators to the potential that other people hold within them.

Coach Mentoring offer a team of highly experienced and accomplished coaches so you have a choice of approach and experience to match you or your organization’s needs.

Coaching in Leadership Development

On a more specific level, coaching provides an answer to some of the new type of challenges facing today’s leaders. It allows leaders to:

  • Recognise any new competencies they should be learning.
  • Reflect on the leaders of tomorrow and prepare them for the challenge.
  • Align their personal commitments and actions.
  • Sustain momentum — both theirs and that of others in the organisation.
  • Align team members with the goals and visions of their organisation.
  • Develop team unity and team spirit and enrol others in new possibilities and breakthroughs.
  • Help others expand their levels of responsibility and increase their levels of initiative and creativity.
  • Recognise weak links in the organisational system and develop strategies to strengthen these.
  • Review the organisations goals — can the leader aim higher and be more successful?

Benefits of Coaching

It is increasingly recognised that individuals and groups perform better with coaching and that this performance translates into business results:

  • Benefits of CoachingCoaching for leadership increases productivity, improves communications, increases staff commitment and loyalty, and decreases levels of stress and tension within companies.
  • Coaching assists individuals to remain loyal and committed to the new company in the face of demanding global business hours, language barriers, differing work ethics and economic fluctuations.
  • Coaching can help prevent executive derailment. Some studies suggest this can be as high as 33 percent for senior executives.
  • Coaching helps managers to develop better interpersonal skills. Some common reasons for interpersonal conflict include executives that are too abrasive, too controlling and too isolated. Coaches work with individuals to explore these behaviours, and to recognise and modify their self-defeating beliefs, assumptions and actions.
  • Coaching helps leaders to think and plan more strategically, to manage risk more effectively and to create and communicate vision and mission.
  • Coaching aids in developing a culture of trust and personal responsibility within the organisation and with clients and customers.
  • Coaching enables executives or managers to use their personal power more effectively.
  • Coaching can develop those leadership qualities that have been empirically proven to be associated with success. These include cognitive capacity, social capacities, personality style, motivation, knowledge and expertise.

Research into Benefits of Coaching

Manchester Consulting Inc. have conducted what is believed to be the first major research project to quantify the business impact of executive coaching. In a study of 100 executives who had undergone coaching, return on investment (ROI) was 5.7 times the initial investment outlay. Other less tangible business impacts of coaching included:

  • Improved teamwork
  • Improve relationships with peers
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Reduced conflict.

A study by Gegner explored the outcomes of the coaching progress from an interpersonal and intrapersonal perspective. As a result of coaching, executives reported that they had become more aware of self and others and that they assumed more responsibility for their actions. They all reported positive changes in performance.

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Coaching Programmes

Our aim through coaching programmes i.e. where we train line managers to act as coaches to their teams, is for them to get more out of their teams by being able to delegate more, develop their direct reports and motivate their individual performance.

Developing Teams through Coaching

Coaching can also take place in a team setting. Coach Mentoring can provide experienced team coaches capable of coaching a group of individuals to ensure their collective development into a high performing team.

Coaching Supervision

Coach Mentoring can provide experienced supervisors to provide a regular space to other coaches on an individual or group basis to reflect upon the content and process of their work. Our Coaching Supervision is tailored to meet the needs of experienced coaching professionals, to engage internal coaches within organizations or to support coaching in the line.

Coaching Across Cultures

Coach Mentoring has extensive experience of coaching across cultures on a one-to-one and team basis and developing coaching in the line programmes in multi-cultural contexts.

Coaching To Support Women

Coach Mentoring specialises in coaching for women. Our team of coaches have particular expertise and interest in coaching women

Coaching Supervision

The top two benefits of coaching supervision are providing a basis for learning and development.

Coaching Case Studies

Coach Mentoring have an increasing number of satisfied clients whose stories you can follow.

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