Coaching for Women

One-to-One Coaching for Women

Coaching for WomenCoach Mentoring Ltd specialises in coaching for women. Our team of coaches have particular expertise and interest in coaching women:

  • For leadership development
  • Through the Glass Ceiling
  • To gain clarity around career goals
  • To manage the demands of work life balance
  • Back into the work place after having a child
  • To develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • To support them with feelings of guilt
  • To cope with stress caused by conflict of personal versus corporate work values
  • To cope with the stress of a male dominated work environment
  • To take control of their lives!

Just let us know what support you are interested in and we can tailor a one-to-one coaching support programme specifically for your needs.

Women's Coaching Courses

Women's Coaching CoursesWe also offer one day creative coaching programmes on a regular basis in Leeds and Manchester for women who want to be proactive, strategic and enjoy a more successful and fulfilled life.

If you want to join a small group of like-minded women and take time out from the daily grind and responsibilities to think, reflect and consider the wider picture and your role and actions within it and make a positive difference to YOU, your career and your life.

For more information about when the next programme is running, please contact us today, or send a quick enquiry:


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Lis Merrick

Specialises in coaching for women.

Mentoring and the glass ceiling

We also use mentoring to support and develop women.


What have women experienced from coaching?

Some recent feedback our coaches have received from women clients:

Lis helped me over a period of several months during a challenging time professionally. Lis provided personal mentoring and coaching to help me work through major issues, including how to deal with difficult management issues (above and below), how to prepare mentally and practically for important meetings and discussions, and how to train myself to think and behave positively. She also helped me to understand what was in my control and what was in my sphere of influence, so that I could use my energies in the right way. Lis is great at making you see the bigger picture, offering perspective when you are in a negative or unhelpful spiral, helping you to rethink your self image when your confidence has been affected and to adapt your responses, thoughts and behaviours to different circumstances. I found Lis to be receptive, insightful and of enormous help during a very difficult time. I would always recommend her as personal coach.”

Executive Director, Fund Raising of a major global NGO

I wanted to say that I found our coaching meeting on Monday hugely beneficial. On leaving the meeting I felt like a weight had been lifted. One of my friends said she could see my ‘aura’ was shining on Tue evening and that she could clearly see a difference in me.”

It helped heaps, thanks for that it is great to work with you as my coach.”

And thank you so much for the coaching today! I feel a different person.”

You were great. As always. I'm reinvigorated. Will keep you in the loop on my continuing efforts. Thanks for today - really good coaching session - lots of good vibes from others. Pat yourself on the back!”

Your coaching has inspired me and I have handed my notice in and will leave at the end of the month!”

Thanks for your gentle guidance and help. It is really helping me.”

Develop, Inspire, Enthuse