Group Coaching

Coaching GroupsGroup Coaching is optimising collective talent in a more effective way than training and it has the potential to develop quicker and better results with groups of individuals. Group Coaching is an emerging and interesting field in coaching and one that many coaches lack the confidence to engage with.

Group coaching is, as it says on the tin, coaching in a group! However, there are many different formats for how that can be organised. You could have one, some or all of the members of the group do the coaching to one, some or all of the group members. For example, a professional coach might coach each of the members of the group or the group members might coach each other.

Coaching could be conducted in one or several group meetings. It can also be done face-to-face or virtually.

People distinguish between group coaching and team coaching, generally by defining a team to be a group of people whose members all have the same purpose and goals, and work together in the same organisation. In Group Coaching the individuals are generally a disparate group who have come together for the purposes of learning together.

Uses of Group Coaching

Group CoachingOrganisations are made up of individuals who are most productive when they harness their resources and talents collectively. Use Group Coaching for:

  • Problem solving
  • Leading change
  • Developing networks
  • Increasing engagement
  • Creating joint responsibility for supporting and helping each other
  • Handling difficult conversations within the organisation
  • Continuous improvement

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Can achieve more impact with a group at a lower cost
  • Group coaching leverages the untapped wisdom, support and networking among clients, employees and peers
  • Problems get solved more quickly
  • Productivity increases with more engagement
  • More flow is created in dealing with challenging tasks.


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Group Coaching in your organisation

Compare it to Team Coaching, see its benefits and its differences to other interventions.

PGC in Coaching

Become an accredited coach with a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.


Group Coach Webinar Programme

  • Are you interested in becoming a Group Coach?
  • Do you work with different groups of people and want to feel more confident in coaching them?

Join Linda Grant on the next Introduction to Group Coaching Webinar Programme.

Group Coaching Workshop

Join Lis Merrick on an interactive workshop to explore the basics of Group Coaching and build a coach’s confidence to have a go!

The day will cover:

  • What is Group Coaching and what formats does it take?
  • The benefits of Group Coaching
  • How does it differ from Team Coaching or facilitation?
  • What are the uses and applications of Group Coaching?
  • Basic group dynamics and observational skills
  • What are the core skills a Group Coach needs?
  • Boundaries, ground rules and contracting in Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching models, processes and techniques
  • How do you handle dysfunctional behaviour in the group?
  • How will you take this forward into your coaching practice?

Participants should have a basic knowledge of one-to-one coaching to join this workshop. The programme can be run in-house and as an open programme.

Thank you for a fantastic CPD and materials. Thank you Lis — and for a thought-provoking and enjoyable session. I found the session last week on group coaching very useful.”

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