Coaching Programme Design & Delivery

Coaching Programme DesignWe can help you to design a coaching programme that will:

  • Train line managers and supervisors to be effective coaches to their teams
  • Develop individuals to become skilled coaches within their organisations

Coaching in the Line Programmes

Our aim through coaching programmes i.e. where we train line managers to act as coaches to their teams, is for them to get more out of their teams by being able to delegate more, develop their direct reports and motivate their individual performance.

Internal Coach Programmes

Coach Mentoring Ltd. can support organisations in training individuals to become coaches to work internally. The advantages of internal coaches are that they understand the current business environment and context in which they operate. There is increasing interest in developing internal coaches in order for organisations to get more value from their coaching budgets.

Benefits of Organisational Coaching Programmes

Employees are focussed on their personal growth and career advancement and programmes support performance management.

Individuals are challenged to improve themselves, become more self-sufficient and productive:

  • Their job satisfaction increases
  • Employees are inspired to perform at higher levels than they would otherwise have done so if left to their own devices
  • Organisations benefit from improved knowledge management as skills and knowledge are passed on
  • Communication within and between teams is improved
  • Can be linked to fast-track career progression and succession planning
  • Coaching can be introduced as part of a change management process.

Coach Training Programmes

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Coaching training videos

Flexible, cost-effective and no issues with geographically dispersed participants.

Coaching cross culturally

Leverage cross culture differences more effectively.


Accredited Training for Internal Coaches

In partnership with Leeds Business School, the programme will develop highly effective internal coaches and mentors.

Leeds Beckett University

The Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is delivered by a team of experts and run as a ‘closed’ course tailored to the culture of the organisation the PGC is being delivered within.

Grow as a Coach Programme

Following our enormous success with this introduction to coaching programme for new coaches, we are offering this now to a wider audience.

The Grow as a Coach programme is facilitated virtually and includes four 90 minute virtual webinars run over a two-month period. The participants attend the webinars, work with an identified buddy coach to practise and complete reflection notes after each session, with feedback provided.

Ideal participants are line managers or supervisors, or individuals who need coaching skills to work across teams or divisions in their daily work.

The content includes:

  • What is coaching?
  • Useful process models
  • The skills of coaching - active listening, questioning and feedback
  • Reflection and how it is used in coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Knowing when to coach

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